Video Essay Projects

Working with Images

Working with Images

Maggie Woodruff Video Essay 

Julia Moore & Matt Boyer Video Essay 

Paige Walwyn Video Essay 

Jonathan Anasa Video Essay 

Sarah Maher Video Essay 

Alisha Stever Video Essay 

Gabriela Gabbidon Video Essay 

Joelle Altomare, Jeff Lo, and Sarah Lee Video Essay Project

Miguel Flores Video Essay

Lauren Benson, Quinn McKay, and Kristina Lisa Video Essay 

Stephanie Johnson Video Essay

Mary Kutch Video Essay 

Neil Garrett Video Essay 

Jenna Scillitani and Richa Patel Video Essay

Kathleen Lee Video Essay 

MaryEllen Cagnassola, Stephanie Wang, and Lily Lee Video Essay

Evie Duvert Video Essay 

Otilia Dos Santos Video Essay 

Rebecca Lee and Debbie Cho

Carly Topal Video Essay

Alex Smith Video Essay

Angela Cha Video Essay

Tania Seibert Video Essay

Aeritan Jarrett Video Essay

Jess Hill Video Essay

Tauhid Al-Farook Video Essay 

Ari Spiegler Video Essay


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