Nixon Mashups (or, an exploration of auditory curiosity)

Audio Mixing

Audio Mixing

Here are links to in-class student experiments, working with the Audacity editing program, forty seconds of Richard Nixon’s resignation speech, and individually chosen embellishments. Enjoy!

Carly Topal’s Nixon Mashup

Mary Kutch’s Nixon Mashup 

Jenna Scillitani’s Nixon Mashup 

Kathleen Lee’s Nixon Mashup 

Stephanie Johnson’s Nixon Mashup 

Paige Walwyn’s Nixon Mashup

Richa Patel’s Nixon Mashup 

Jonathan Anasa’s Nixon Mashup 

Alex Smith’s Nixon Mashup 

Neil Garrett’s Nixon Mashup

Miguel Flores’s Nixon Mashup

Gabriela Gabbidon’s Nixon Mashup

Kristina Lisa’s Nixon Mashup

Alisha Stever’s Nixon Mashup

Quinn McKay’s Nixon Mashup 

Julia Moore’s Nixon Mashup 

Matthew Boyer’s Nixon Mashup


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