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I am originally from Kalamazoo, MI but have lived in New Jersey since 2003. I love EDM, skiing, and scuba diving. Rutgers 2017.

Thanksgiving & Family

Spending the fews days at home with family and friends was a much needed break during the crunch time before finals, but its always interesting to note how Thanksgiving has changed with the times, but also as one ages. Thanksgiving nowadays compared to when I was younger, is a completely different thing. When I was young the event was about getting as much turkey and stuffing as I could eat, but when I think of Thanksgiving now I really look forward to seeing my family. I look forward to my aunt’s and uncle’s typical bickering and the stress of cooking the turkey. Its interesting to observe how things that used to annoy me, I actually look forward to. 


Maggie’s Podcast

Another podcast that I listened to was Maggie’s. It seems that this podcast is what the majority of bloggers are responding to. Music is something that everyone can connect to, for teenagers and youth in general, music is a vital part of the day. It is always interesting to see what other people are listening to, and when and why they listen to it. I think the way she presented and produced her ideas was done well!

Jenna’s Podcast

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I am a freshman and am relatively new to witnessing greek life. It is interesting to hear the different viewpoints on greek life, especially as an individual who has a few friends involved in sororities. I enjoyed the actual podcast too, the way that she used the different audio clips, music, and vocals to create an entertaining and informative podcast.


I first encountered the program Audactiy in my 8th grade Digital/Media Editing class, which was in 2008. Since then I have used other audio programs, nothing too fancy, but my friend was able to rip the producer’s editions of FL Studios and Ableton for me. Both systems are mainly used for music editing, but can really be utilized for any audio-related editing.

After experiencing those systems and having to revert back to Audcacity, I am struggling. The only comparison I can think of is perhaps learning Photoshop and then having to edit an image using MS Paint. Obviously, I understand that the university is not always going to have the best programs but I am kind of surprised that we are using Audactiy.

Maybe the argument is that while we do have all these technological advances in our times, sometimes it is better not to mess with the basics. I could see this because now switching back to this program I am completely dumbfounded at how to execute the simplest maneuvers after adjusting myself to advanced systems.

Final Project Idea

For the final project blog I have a vague idea(s) of what I would like to do. I am thinking  that I would like to create a page that explores an active lifestyle and travel. I myself actively ski and scuba dive and have travelled to many unique places to pursue it! I would include skiing and diving because I am familiar with them but maybe also investigate other ‘extreme sports’ like surfing, hiking, spelunking etc. and correlate them to traveling, food, and culture. My other option was to just focus on either skiing or scuba and create a blog based on that activity specifically, maybe add pages to it that suggest great locations, shops, tips, etc.  

Podcast Idea

The podcast project, to me, is far more intimidating than the video essay project, I had worked on video editing projects before and felt somewhat comfortable producing an idea for the project, however I am having some trouble deciding how to approach the podcast project. I am still unsure about what I am going to discuss, but I do have a few ideas. Firstly I was considering interviewing various people, and explore their music taste and experience with that genre’s community. Secondly, I was thinking about interviewing people about dorming life or about their freshman year so far, because I am a freshman this year and am experiencing similar things. I am still unsure what additional features to add to a podcast in general so if you have any feedback I would appreciate hearing it!

Attribution and Technology

The Attribution Theory discusses how we as individuals create backstories to explain the behavior or appearance of another individual. Merging this theme with modern technology is something I have been considering. How has our judgement making been affected by new technology? 

The obvious change is strictly superficial; who has what gadget and how many of them they have. The common stereotype based on whether someone uses a Mac or PC, Iphone or Droid, CD player or MP3. With the invention of these products, we were given the ability to discern even more easily whether or not someone has money. Simply look at the technology they carry with them and you will get the general idea. 

However, another aspect I would be interested to learn about is how we attribute characteristics to a person based on their online profiles. Do we as a society tend to negatively or positively those who post often on social media? And what do we attribute to those users based on the content they post? In my own experiences I can say that I have caught myself attributing characteristics to an individual I do not know all that well based on the photos and statuses that they publish on Facebook. I am sure that I am not alone in these actions and that this phenomenon is occurring at every desktop, laptop, and phone screen everywhere.