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Jenny’s Podcast

The next podcast I listened to was Jenny’s about sororities and stereotyping. I have to admit…I thought most of those things about sororities and girls in the sororities but this podcast gave me a new perspective. There is so much negative publicity for sororities and so I have always thought the negative things were true. I did however, LOVE the TV show Greek on ABC Family and that made me think sororities were fun and something I would like to be a part of someday. When I got to Rutgers, all my friends talked about how girls came up to them and told them about the organizations and basically begged them to join…but me on the other hand got none of that. Instead, every time I passed by a stand or group of girls in sororities, I got an icy cold stare. I never felt like the girls in sororities were welcoming or friendly at all and I truly believed that the girls in the sororities were caddy and buying their friends. Now that I have listened to this podcast, I see a different side of sororities and I want to make an effort to shed those beliefs I had about sororities and the girls in them. Don’t believe everything you hear/read…that’s what I have learned.


Maggie’s Podcast

In class I overheard many people tell Maggie how great her podcast was so I chose it as one of the podcasts to comment on. I am really glad I did because it WAS so great! Not only was her topic awesome but the way she went about creating a podcast out of it was soooo interesting. There wasn’t a dry moment. I was intrigued from start to finish. It’s obvious the amount of time she put into her project. I also loved hearing music I never heard before…and music I already Ed Sheeran ahhh. Her commentary that overlays the music works really well and was very funny as well. Her conclusion was really interesting and cool…it wasn’t what I expected but still interesting. I really enjoyed her podcast…GREAT job!!!! 🙂

Leaked Music

Soo, I love One Direction and I support their music by buying it legally but last week their new album leaked and I couldn’t stop myself from downloading it and listening to it on repeat. Does that make me a bad fan?! I don’t think so considering how many other 1D fans also downloaded it but then there are those people who are like “Only true fans will wait for the actual release next week..” I hate that. Just because I wanted to listen to new music from my favorite band doesn’t make me a bad fan in my eyes. And the people who decide to wait aren’t “better” fans than I am. I am going to spend the money to buy the physical CD as well so to me, listening to it illegally isn’t a terrible thing! What do you guys think? Is it wrong to listen to leaked music? Ahh so hard not to in this day and age. Everyone on social medias talking about the leaked music and hearing about it everywhere, it is hard to say no! Especially when it’s One Direction…and the CD is awesome. Like life changing. 😛