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I'm Sarah, the Senior Contributing Editor at Young, Hot, And Modern Magazine. I love to run, bake, and take photos. I blog at

Response to “Before I Die” by Neil Garrett

Neil’s podcast was very traditional and it sounded very close to what I would normally hear. I liked how it was very conversational and casual. He sounded very comfortable speaking and did a good job being the moderator. I found the microphone was a little distracting and annoying at times but then I got used to it. Overall, I liked his topic and it makes you ask yourself the same question. I think it would be cool to visit all 50 states. Most people want to visit other countries but I think it would be awesome to visit every state in the U.S. This podcast was very different from the other ones I listened to and I can appreciate that.


Response to Debbie Cho and Rebecca Lee’s Podcast

I really liked this style of podcast. The introduction was pretty unique and I liked how they were having a conversation with one another. They provided good historical background on the musical genre of the time period and I like how they go in order from past to present. I thought it was a smart idea to talk louder when the music was playing really loud. Overall, I like the style and concept of their podcast. However, I did notice there were some things left in that weren’t supposed to be there such as “oh, wait.” Nonetheless, they did a great job.

Response to Steph’s Podcast

Steph’s podcast was very nice and I enjoyed listening to it. I appreciated the fact that she incorporated an interview towards the end because it adds a personal feel. I also like how she incorporated real reports on things such as “knock out.” A video or visual did not have to accompany it for me to thoroughly understand what was going on. It proves how strong audio actually is and how podcasts have the ability to deliver a message to an audience. Overall, there was a nice flow to it and her voice was very clear. I understood everything she said.

Jaihe’s Kitchen (blog project) Is Up!

My blog for the final project is finally live and you guys can all check it out if you want. It’s called Jaihe’s Kitchen. I am actually really excited for this project because it’s fun, independent and personal. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity because all my other classes require a final paper or exam. I am also excited to look at everyone else’s blogs. Unlike my podcast project, I was able to think of an idea right away. I am very passionate about food and baking so I knew this was the perfect idea for me. Has anyone else posted on their blogs yet? If so, please leave a comment below with the link!



Hipster Thanksgiving

I recently came across this video and it was pretty funny. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny but I liked the instagram part. It’s so true that a lot of people have to post pictures of their food on instagram or facebook before eating it. It’s like, it’s not a real meal, unless you have taken a picture for evidence. I wonder what this huge craze is about or how it even started. I am guilty of doing this. I try taking pictures of food that I have made and am proud of or when I go out to eat and something looks amazing. I guess you can say it’s showing off? It’s basically like, “Hey! My dinner is better than yours. You mad bro?” Those are definitely not my intentions, however. I think beautiful food presented well is synonymous with art. My food looks nothing like the food I get at restaurants no matter how hard I try. It just isn’t! I like to appreciate it and post it on instagram when I really like it. I don’t post pictures of peanuts or bread and butter.

Am I the only one who takes pictures of their food and uploads it onto instagram?


I am currently watching Laura in The Kitchen on youtube and I just realized how lucky we are to have cooking tutorials online. Before, you would have to go to the library to check a cook book out or ask your grandma for her recipe but now you can just make anything your heart desires from a video. I am definitely going to try making something this Thanksgiving to bring to dinner but I can’t guarantee anything.

Does anyone else like watching chefs online? Who are your favorite ones? Mine are ByronTalbott, Laura Vitale and Foodwishes.


I can’t believe this right now. After the Stan situation, I didn’t think another controversy would develop this fast. This former professor at Rutgers got fired for awarding students with high grades! This is unbelievable. You have to watch it. I found out from facebook. Three people already shared the link. I can already see it getting viral. Honestly, get your stuff together Rutgers! I am sick of all these controversies. First the basketball situation, Stan and now this? Keep up the good work. Our school is definitely getting a great reputation these days and with the power of media, I am sure everyone will know about this by tomorrow morning.