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Blog Project!

We made it through the class guys! it wasn’t that hard granted due to the fact that it was super interesting to begin with!

So for my final project blog idea, I’m doing places i want to travel! I’m posting pictures and little descriptions of all the places I want to visit before the impending doom of my death. There are so many places in this world to see that many people don’t know about. We have the cliche places like France, London, and Italy, don’t get me wrong i totally want to visit there, but we also have places like Turkey, Switzerland, and Croatia.

So be prepared to see some cool places!

to travel



Podcast Project

So i know that the podcast projects passed but here is a description of what i did…

At first i had no idea what to do cause what is more awkward than talking into a microphone to yourself about something random that someone may or may not care about. So basically i was like screw everyone and i would talk about a topic that i liked. I found a topic that was interesting to research and talk about but i also didnt have to talk about much…. MUSIC!

More specifically one of my favorite bands…Maroon 5!

I basically went through the history of the band and how the started. The podcast included their backstory, their acheivements, all four albums, and a couple of their songs from each album.

It was weird to make but it was also cool what i found out about the band that i didn’t know! I can’t wait until their 5th album comes out that they are currently working on!

maroon 5

Coding: What We Don’t Learn

The video on what we don’t learn is so cool. I never really thought about it before but if we had a course on this, I may have thought of it about it as a career. In high school i had a web design class but i was never really into it because it was very broad. It would have been so cool to learn this before i made it to college because it is a skill that we be useful to learn about before heading to college where we are taking classes to build our careers. But to hear these people who have created such famous websites and to learn all they have done and all that they do to create these websites that millions of people view daily is just so cool.

It is even better that celebrities are getting into this process like Will.I.Am who was a artist and now wants to learn the process of probably how the music he makes is cut and edited. An NBA star is coding. It is so cool how something as simple as some codes makes a website fully functioning.

Even looking at how the work place is; you see music rooms, rooftops with colorful couches that people just work at, and just a cool office vibe going on. I just overall think that it is a very cool and new field to get into. It is a new and very thriving industry.

Collaboration Vs. Institution

One thing that stood out to me in Clay Shirkey Ted Talk, was that we need to bring the problem to the people not the people to the problem. This is very true people won’t go out and search for a problem, they will only learn about it if the problem is put out there.

If the problem was not brought to us then we would not know about the economic problems our country has faced. It has been brought to light that there was a salmonella outbreak and we would not know have known that if we were not informed. Now we can be more careful in what we eat and how fresh the meat is when we buy it.

Shirky explains the goals that an institution should have and they seem very concrete as to have a successful company. If you have key goals, a strong structure, and strong leadership than you have a solid institution.



SOPA and PIPA was very big about two years ago. Basically everything that was streamed TV shows, music, and other copy righted media was taken down except the sites that were acceptable to the companies who were granted access to said media.

Listening to Shirkey’s Ted Talk was really cool. It is ridiculous the story he told about the bakery by his home in Brooklyn. Kids cannot enjoy a cake with something they created because a cartoon character was copyrighted. The cake is going to be eaten anyway. It is ridiculous that something so little is not acceptable now.

Even in the 90s when big multimedia companies wanted something done when people recorded radio shows and such. The Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 was compromised to say that making mix tapes and recorded items was okay as long as they were not  sold for profit.

I remember when i was a senior in high school and the beginning of the year half of the youtube videos were not working just because they were not from the record label that that song was produced from. TV shows that i miss were not found online because all that major streaming sites shut down until the SOPA act business was done.

I agree with Shirkey when he says that they were useless. I don’t believe in them because to me it is not convenient. Sure those companies want their profit but they also are still making tons of profit when people by the seasons on DVD or watch it live on TV. They make profits when people buy the albums of the artists an go to their concerts or album signings.

Working and Social Media

As i was reading Shirkey’s book, he talked about how professionals now use social media to get their ideas out. A good example is Katherine Stone of the US senate who used a social group called to be a way for support groups to talk. It is a good way from people all over the country to talk to each and provide a sense of anonymous support that you might want as opposed to a local group where you meet people you know. Charities use sites to keep in contact with each other and collaborate and events they are planning; there are various links on the websites they have for donations and ways to follow their other sites on facebook and twitter. The organizations create various websites to get involved and donate.

We now have political figures such as Obama using twitter to keep us updated on his day and what is going on. Social media is taking the world by storm and it is not just useless and mindless. It is also knowledgeable things that can help us and keep us on the need to know stuff.

Computer Dependency

After reading “Living With a Computer” i realized that i have not written a paper by hand since high school and that was only if i was forced to. We depend so greatly on things that can save us time. The computer will space things for us, check for spelling or grammar, and auto-correct a wrong tense. We have something that makes life easier and we don’t need to write things out and take the time to proof read so in depth. As humans many of us are impatient and just want to get things done as soon as possible so we can move onto the next thing. Darlene, the secretary did not meet Fallows standards because she was too slow at writing what she was asked to. With a computer many people are just adept at typing like it is second nature. I barely need to look at my keyboard and can type something pretty fast.

It is crazy to think how much money Fallows spent on his computer back in the 80s. Now a days the most expensive computer are probably MACs that run for maybe $2000. My computer was i think around $700 and it is one of the best. Laptops did not even exist back then. We have evolved so much from what a computer was back then to now. We went from floppy disks, to CDs, to flashdrives, and now to online hard drives. We have expanded and thrived so much in the generations of technology that I cant even begin to think of where we are headed and how far we will go. There is only improvement we can see and if what we have now if amazing, I cant wait to see what will come.