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Living situation

Living off campus vs living on campus

Please give me your opinions!

I am going to be a junior next year and seeing that seniority system is still on the only place I can most likely get is busch apartments and MAYBE SLIGHT POSSIBILITY easton ave apartments.

But Ive lived on busch for two years and now I’m sick of busch and I definitely do not want to live in busch apartments.

However, off campus is just so complicated and yes, it is cheaper, but the money has to be paid upfront. But my friend has already found a house near the rutgers student center bus stop with 6 girls.



Being back at school…

really sucks…

Being home with family and friends and doing nothing is absolutely the best feeling in the world. Driving back to school today made me feel miserable and depressed. Just coming onto campus saddened me. Technically school is more of a “home” than my actual home since I spend more time on campus then at home. Everything is the same here, wake up, go to class, eat, go to class, do work, study my butt off, and stress out 24/7. However, I was very excited to see my school friends and suite mates I did not get to see over break. They are the ones that keep me going. Friendship is so important in an environment that stresses you out. I hope all of you guys have friends that keep you going strong through finals and the rest of this semester. Good luck!

Thanksgiving Break

Since a lot of people wrote about Thanksgiving Break…

This break was quite a memorable one for me. I did not get to eat Thanksgiving food, did not get to reconnect with home friends, and did not get to meet with extended family. In fact, I had to get a minor throat surgery, could not eat anything but water, and stayed in bed almost all of break because of this throat infection. I was very bitter and angry during break while seeing all these cheerful and happy instagram and Facebook posts while I was in bed doing nothing but suffering. However, my family stayed with me the whole time and did their best in trying to make me feel better and I completely overlooked it. Also my close friends stopped by to cheer me up with stories and ice cream and this I also completely overlooked. By the end of the week, I realized that although I suffered a lot, so did my family and friends who had to see me in that horrible state. I was selfish to see that I was the only one suffering and didn’t realize that they also took time out of their break to come make me feel better.

So this thanksgiving break i realized how grateful i am towards my direct family and friends ❤

PETA: supposed to save animals, but killing them instead

This article disgusted me so much that I had to stop reading. We all believed that PETA is an organization to help and save abandoned animals, but in reality they have been killing countless of animals that go through their doors. People, like me for instance, who donated to PETA did not pay for them to kill these animals. They justify their actions by saying that they kill them in a way that they wont feel any pain, but what right do they have to decide if these animals should die or not. They could have easily met a new family.

Also, I encourage many of you who decide to get a new pet to adopt from a shelter rather than going to a pet store. Recently, I have been to many shelters to look to adopt a dog, and it is one of the saddest things I have seen. these dogs know that you are potential owners to love them and they show so much love the first time you see them.

Jelly Beans!

Who likes jelly beans? haha I do!

But this video has nothing to do with eating jelly beans. This video shows a man showing viewers how much we are wasting our lives. It is amazing and it has opened my eyes to see how much I have been wasting my life on pointless things, such as whining or sleeping half my day away.


the article:

Stan the LX bus driver

I am sure most of you already know who Stan the LX bus driver is and I am also sure most of you know what happened to him. If you dont here is a brief recap: He was a bus driver that drove the LX bus. He recently “retired” but was technically fired because he put his hands on a student and prayed for that student. He is known and loved by students for his encouraging words, his cheery smile, and his hugs and high fives whenever you enter the bus through the front. I put retired in quotations because he was technically fired, but because the bus company did not want to be put under heat by students, they said he was retired.

Do you think the reason for him to be fired was a good reason? I understand that this is a public school and religion should not be spread by people that work for the school, such as it is  in high school. BUT if i recall correctly, the student asked for the prayer and students need words of encouragement by someone right?