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About paulmpb82

I live in Bucks County, PA, with my lovely wife, while working as an Assistant Director in the Writing Program and Course Coordinator of Multimedia Composition Program in the English Department at Rutgers University. I also manage the Plangere Culture Lab, a space where students and faculty at Rutgers can explore what it means to think and compose with digital technologies in critical and meaningful ways. I am an avid reader and researcher of a wide variety of topic areas. I am fascinated by the way that abstract ideas can collide with things in the real world, providing us with instances when we can stop and reflect on them. We can find examples of these occurrences all the time in films, paintings, architecture, technology, and so many other things.

Welcome to Intro to Multimedia Comp

I would like to welcome everyone to the fall 2013 semester!  Over the next fifteen weeks (give or take a week or two) we will be exploring how the rapid changes and continual advancement of digital technologies, social media, and online activity.

Please check out the pages (individually tabbed on the home page) and begin to look for blogs that you are interested in reading and following.  If you find  a few that are interesting, please share the URLs with me and we can circulate them to the class.

I think, Therefore I am

I think, Therefore I am