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Three Random Things I Really Love


I personally think that music can make anyone happy.  It speaks to you when you are down, keeps you company when you are lonely, and entertains you when you are happy.  I cannot think of many situations that I would not enjoy listening to music.   One thing I also really enjoy about music is that it is universal.  While everyone does not enjoy the same type of music (that would make it boring) most enjoy listening to a style of music that directly connects with him or her.   It is easy to form bonds, or even enemies, over music.  I enjoy the love, and passion associated with music because it is not really seen often.

Reality Television

I have loved reality television before I could even remember.  The first reality television show I remember watching in full was The Real World: Philadelphia, although I had seen bits and pieces of the two seasons that aired beforehand.  I don’t know what exactly draws me to reality television, because I am very well aware that reality television is far for reality. It is a form of entertainment that always seems to reflect society at the time.  I know many people dislike reality television and I definitely understand why but for me it will always have a special place in my heart and always be a source of entertainment for me. 

Social Media

I go back and forth with social media and social networking sites but I think it is time for me to fully embrace them for what they are and admit that I do love them.  They do have their downfalls and their issues, but I would be crazy to deny all of the amazing positives that can stem from using social media.  The connectedness, the spreading of information at a rapid pace, the expressiveness of its users, and it’s overall fun and entertainment.  I think that more people need to come to terms with social media and instead of being scared and pushing it away should embrace it more because it is not stopping.  If anything it is growing more rapidly as we speak.  Social media is slowly being integrated into things like education, even at a young age, advertising as well as research and surveying.

 For someone potentially looking to go into a career in communication and/or public relations it is my job to work with social media before social media completely replaces me. 


Why I Love Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking site that allows for users to read and send each other messages that are no longer than 140 characters each.  Twitter allows for a more fast pace and concise method of communication.  Although twitter was created in March 2006 it was not until my senior year of high school (2010) that I even considered giving this social networking site a chance.  Now almost four years later I have over 15K posts, over 300 followers, and many reasons that I love twitter.  Many people look at the character limit as a curse but in my opinion it is a very clear blessing and it is what makes twitter unique. 

It’s Short and to the Point

With a character limit of 140 characters it does not leave a lot of room for people to ramble on and on, which I love.  Once of my biggest pet peeves are the long rants or comments people decide to post as their statuses.  I enjoy the quick and to the point nature of twitter.  I also feel more inclined to read what people are actually saying because I don’t have to shift through novels.  

It’s Connects People

Through the hash tag function and the ability to @ people by their unique usernames people have been able to connect with one another is ways that I have never seen before.  What differs from other social networking sites like Facebook for example is that on twitter people have the chance to interact with people they may not know but have similar ideas or interests.  With the introduction of the loved # function people have been able to gather information in a way that I personally have never seen before.

 It’s Fun

Going on twitter has sadly become one of the highlights of my day.  My followers are witty, intelligent and bring new and interesting information to the table.  I can also find new information on something on twitter whether it is the music industry, television shows, and the government.  Twitter is a constant stream of information as well as entertainment. 

My Love (Hate) Relationship with Social Media


It was not until I came to college that I realized how large of an impact social media had on my life as a whole.  Social media keeps me informed in a way that television no longer does, it keeps me entertained in a way that most people and things cannot and the amount of social media options out there are endless.  

At this point in my life I would say my main forms of social media are twitter and Facebook, more so twitter.  I personally go back and forth when it comes to Facebook due to the fact that I don’t necessarily enjoy it, but I need it for all of the things that I am involved with in school, my personal life, work.  

I use social media for almost everything.  

Keeping up with television shows I may be watching, finding out information about current events and the government, reaching out to students about school and work.  It is hard for me to think of many things that I cannot use social media to accomplish.  

But with that said, my dependency on social media begins to scare me.  Looking back at high school, I knew what social media was and I definitely used it, but I would not consider myself someone who was dependent on it.  I used websites like xanga and myspace, but did not rely on them for information on life.  They were mediums that were used to foster social interaction.  Now they are so much more than that.  Social media has moved past being simple fun, to being a way of life. 

As time goes on I can’t help but wonder where social media will go from here?  What will be the new site or thing that draws people like be into the tangled social media web.  Will social media take over?  Or will the social media movement slowly start to come to a halt. 

Personally, I don’t see it ending anytime soon, but then again I never expected it to pick up in the way that it did. 

Senior Year Reflection

I never really understood the extent of senioritis until I actually started my senior year here at Rutgers.  I feel like I’m stuck in a never-ending maze, full of extremely amazing and fun experiences that distract me from actually getting to the end, graduation.  These things include my twenty-first birthday which is just a few days away, hanging out with new and old friends, working more hours to save up for a spring break trip with said friends, completing my Rutgers bucket list and doing pretty much everything and anything in the name of senior year.

I want to do everything but school.  But it’s weird, because although I cannot stand the idea of doing work, I’m terrified to leave college. 

Recently I have been searching for tips to avoid my slipping into a bigger senioritis related hole.  I stumbled upon an article on USNews which listed “5 Tips to Battle College Senioritis” and in my opinion I found a lot of the tips they gave to be extremely helpful if they were correctly implemented. 

The five tips included: Take care of yourself, Stay organized, Get motivated, Be realistic and finally visit the career center.  All thing I will try to master by the end of the semester so I can go into spring semester strong. 


Paige Walwyn


My name is Paige Walwyn and I am currently in my senior year here at Rutgers.  I am a Communication major with a minor in Education.  Following graduation I hope to go to graduate school to focus on College Student Affairs and eventually work at a college or university in the student life department.  I am still undecided on if I want to go directly into the student affairs program or work first but that is something I’m trying to figure out.  On campus I am currently involved with a small local sorority and the Rutgers University Alternative Breaks program.  I am from Teaneck New Jersey which is in Bergen County, roughly 15 minutes away from the George Washington Bridge.

Some of my hobbies include listening to music and going to concerts if I can, watching different television shows, crafting, hanging out with my friends and if I’m in the mood cooking.  

I was interested in taking this class because I have always wanted to take a creative writing class so I can have a method of expressing myself.  I was especially interested in taking this class because of the multimedia focus.  I thought it would blend very well with my major and potential careers that I may have in the future.  

With all that that said, I am very interested in reading quotes, inspirational and ones that aren’t so inspirational so I’ll leave y’all with one: