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Video essay problem…

I’m such an indecisive person sometimes and that’s why I’m still not 100% sure what to do my Video Essay on. I have two topics that I ahve been looking into and I need your help/opinion.

I enjoy art and drawing in my free time, I’m not that good and I usually have to look at a picture in detail and then reproduce it, I suck at free hand drawing. Long story short I draw enough to pass free time not anything serious. As of lately I have taken my art from paper onto my nails. I learned, via youtube, how to do acrylic and gel tips and then the designs I do myself. Not to brag.. but I’m not that bad. Especially for someone who has never taken any professional lessons. Anyways, I guess I would just video tape my art. Whether it’s on paper or on my nails. I guess I could do a fast turtorial when I do my nails too… but I feel like that would be boring? Especially to the guys, lol.

My other idea was  to talk about garbage. And how much garbage people accumilate and where it goes after you throw it into a trash can… Have you guys ever walked up George St where all the stores are? There’s literally yards of trash on the side waiting to be picked up by the garbage company.

So there are my two ideas.. I need help cause the deadline is coming up!



Wikipedia comes across as an unreliable source mainly because “anybody can edit it.” I am taking and Informatics Technology class this semester. This class relates to this  class in many ways – sometimes the same authors and examples are mentioned in both classes. Like the article ‘Is Google Making us Stupid?’ and many more.

In my informatics class we had an assignment to look up an article on Wikipedia and determine if it has cognitive authority as well as how accurate is the information and is it a trustworthy website. We also read articles that researched the accuracy of Wikipedia to Britannica – Wiki averaged about 3 mistakes to Britannica’s 2 mistakes. This is not a big difference between the two and researchers expected Wiki’s average to be much larger than the encylopedia.

So how trustworthy is an encyclopedia and is Wikipedia as bad as everyone makes it out to be? I love wiki, just because it has almost everything and anything and it is so easy to use.

What do you think?

Do you think Google is making us stupid or not?

Personally – I don’t think it is.

Carr states that within the past couple of years he has been unable to focus when he reads. He says his mind wonders off and he finds himself rereading the previous sentence over and over again. He goes on to explaining the internet, I interpreted that as him blaming his reading skills on the internet. I don’t think the internet has anything to do with being able to concentrate while reading. My whole life, even in first/second grade whenever I read (and till this day) I always find myself dazing off and then when I try to remember what I just read I have no idea. I have good reading skills – I just hate reading. Whenever I bought a book, I’d get excited and promise myself that I’ll read the entire thing from start to finsish but I never finish the book. Usuall by the fourth chapter I’m over it.

Reading online and reading a book to me is the exact same thing. If iI’m reading something online, especially if it’s a long article I’ve already dazed off after the first paragraph. Between the pictures, the weblinks and the adds crowding the page I’m already looking at that then the text. Whether it’s on paper or on a screen won’t affect your reading. Your reading skills affects your reading.

Google has made researching so much more easier. You can type a couple of words and boom they bring up what you were looking for. Where in an encyclopedia you would have to spend hours to try and find what you needed – sometimes your topic wouldn’t even be in the proper book and if you do find it – depending on what it is you’re looking for, it is so outdated.

If it’s long – I won’t read it. I just hate reading, always have always will. That’s just a personal problem that has nothing to do with the internet. I think the internet including Google has made things a whole lot easier to get to.

I hate when

This past weekend I went out for my friend’s 21st birthday. There were ten of us total, two girls which I didn’t know very well. I’m all about having a good time whether I’m close to you or not.

The ENTIRE time we were at the club those two girls would not get off their phones – they weren’t even socializing. They would dance for two seconds, have someone take a picture of them, pose, stop and then sit back down. And once they sat down they were back at their phones looking at the pictures, editing them and then uploading them to Instagram and Facebook. Like seriously……..reallllly. And you’d think they’d stop after the fifth picture..  lol sike. They kept doing it all night.

FYI – yes, I laughed at them.

I just found it rude and disrespectful considering it was our friend’s birthday and they have all of their life to be on their phones. I get that you want to take pictures with everyone – which is totally fine and I do the same. But leave the editing and the uploading for another day and enjoy your time now. It’s pathetic.

I wanted to break their phones. Like nobody cares enough that you’re posting these pictures.

I hate when people are constantly on their phone. I hate when people text durring church, durring a funeral, durring a wedding, while giving birth.

Lets get real.


If you haven’t visited yet, I suggest that you do. This is a blog site that allows anyone to anonymously mail in a picture or a postcard about anything they want and the owner of the website posts them online – again everything is completely anonymous. Some of the things that people send in and share their secret(s) about are mind blowing. The posts can range from sexual to suicide to drugs and so much more. A lot of people who post to this site use it as a coping method. Being able to tell somebody your problems without letting them know who you are is used as a coping method. The website is updated every week with new posts that have been sent in. I remember one time I read something disturbing but I know people can relate to it – “I will never be in a happy relationship until my mother is dead.” You can automatically assume that this is a terrible thing to say but you can never judge until you know, you don’t know what this person’s mother has done to him for him to feel this way. And just because you are a mother or a father doesn’t automatically make you a nice person or someone that you should respect. I wish i saved that postcard.

13onbacktruthisiwishifeltthatwaybutistillloveyouandwooulddieifyoudidThis picture above was one of the posts that was on the website this week. This is an example of how personal these posts can get and the crazy thing is it is 100% real. Real emotions, real stories – nothing is better than the real thing.

A New Twist

I think that this is one of the most interesting and creative ways to submit a college application. Truthfully, whoever thought about this idea first at Tufts University must’ve hated reading 15,000+ essays. (I would too). It’s interesting because it allows the administration office to meet the applicant and get a feel for what kind of person they are. Plus, from previous experience I would much rather submit a 2 minute video than write a 2 page paper.. especially when you’re applying to more than one school. One of the application videos I watched was a boy who created a rap – I thought that was pretty cool and risky. I don’t think I’d be able to create a catchy rap no matter how many times I rehearsed it.

Technology has allowed people to expand their horizons allowing the connection between two different parties (usually) no matter where you are in the world – that is as long as you have service. Telephones, webcams, Skype, computers, cellphones, even TVs allow you to communicate with people in another country, state and sometimes different planets (you know astronauts). It’s just interesting how technology has adapted over the years and how it continues to approve every day – look at the new iPhones… you need to scan your fingerprint to unlock the phone. I wonder what’s next.

Laptops in Classrooms

I believe that one of the reasons I did so well in high school was because cellphones, laptops, iPads, iPods and any other technology based item was prohibited during the hours of 7 to 2. Laptops and phones become such a distraction that you can spend five minutes on them and a half-hour has gone by.

Sometimes I wish that certain tools were strictly banned in my lecture halls where there are 200+ students, just so I know I wouldn’t use any and I would be that much more focused and determined in class. Even when I don’t use my phone or my iPad in class it’s still hard to focus when the person in front of you is constantly surfing the web or the sound of someone seriously pounding their keyboard when they type. Really – you don’t have to stroke the keys that hard.

texting in class 550x550 Laptops in the College Classroom and Creating an Environment Conducive to Learning

Although laptops can be beneficiary to learning and useful when taking notes, it’s very rare that you’ll focus on taking notes when you’re trying to fight the temptation to surf the web. Therefore, the way that I am I would find it better for technology to be completely banned during lectures.