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Sandy Hook Exploited Again

OK so on my own blog I posted a different article about the President and his administration exploiting the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings. Now, I came across THIS article on the Huffington Post. Maybe this would surprise some of you since the Huffington Post isn’t exactly the most conservative blog out there, therefore you wouldn’t expect them to run such a story. But hey, we all get proved wrong sometimes.
Here a pro-gun control advocacy group is running an ad in light of the anniversary of the shooting and they wrap up the ad by calling everyone to speak up for gun control. Let’s just say that one of the victim’s mom was not too happy about the commercial.


Looking Forward to 2016 election?

Okay, so if you’re really into politics as I am you may be looking into potential candidates for the 2016 election. Maybe you’ve jumped behind Senator Rand Paul’s clear efforts to run or the assumed Democratic Nominee Hilary Clinton. But for some they have been keeping an eye on the young Senator Elizabeth Warren. Although as you read the article you will realize, she has NO plans of running. She’s pretty clear on this one. Now lets make it a game: How many more times will the media ask her?


Top Universities Don’t Represent Population

My one friend who is middle/lower class according to income standards, and attends the University of Pennsylvania, posted this article the other day. It was great to see that because she recognizes the misrepresentation going on at Ivy League schools such as hers. Additionally, I love to see some media coverage on this topic. But its true – elite universities such as the University of Pennsylvania consist of kids of some of the richest families in our country. Sometimes these people even get into school just because of their name or who they know. Ever since I have gone to college and took Research in the Disciplines: College! this semester, I have come to understand socio-economic class from an evolved perspective. Although Rutgers is no elite university, we do have a smart student body that comes from legitimately all backgrounds. What such an environment does for education cannot exactly be explained via words, especially in a short WordPress post as such. To go to a university in which you are surrounded by people and minds just like yours, then no true education is taking place. 


Using Credit Cards Can Be Dangerous

This is a really interesting article. This Forbes piece discusses how this company out of Boston is now providing a service that allows customers to use anonymous credit cards. Since all of the card holder’s information is put online when they use their card to purchase something on the web, this service prevents that from happening. This is a win for online security in my view. With all of our lives essentially online these days, my online presence including the privacy of my information is progressively a concern I hold.


Who is more influential? Rand Paul or Wendy Davis?

Click through to vote in Time’s “face off” for who is more influential. The young Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky or the Texas state Senator Wendy Davis? Both utilized the filibuster to shed light on concerning policy they sought to be clarified. It is always exciting to see who the person of the year will be, I just hope that Miley Cryus is no where near the top of that list. Although she is on GQ’s LEAST influential list, she is also in the running for a spot on Time’s influential list. This may concern me more about our country than does the ability of our President to use drones unilaterally, just as Senator Paul filibustered against.


Who do you view as the least influential?

This post on provides a bit of a different perspective on influential people in society. They list the 25 LEAST influential people, unlike Time magazines better known Person of the Year award. I don’t suspect that you will disagree with too many of these rankings. 

Technology gone wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

2 skydivers killed

When you think of technology, skydiving probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Well in this case, this technology took a turn for the worst. Although it wasn’t directly a result of faulty gear, the two were so close that they bumped into one another and then couldn’t recover in time before slamming the ground. I have always been interested in skydiving and even my cousin went once she turned 18. But after reading stories such as this one and a para-sailing one I read the other month, its hard to get over that fear and just go for it.