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My name is Jenna. I am a student at Rutgers University. My major is Public Health, and I am in a BS/MPH Program for a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences. In my free time, I really enjoy working on DIY (Do-it Yourself) projects and crafting.

Neil Garrett’s Podcast!

Neil, I really enjoyed listening to your podcast!  I remember listening to you talking about your ideas and thoughts for creating the podcast in class, so I was excited to see how it all came together.  I found it very interesting  to listen to, and really got me thinking.  I liked hearing what other people had to say, since I find this topic very interesting.  I also found myself comparing my thoughts to others’ in the podcast.  I even caught myself thinking about my bucket list and the things I want to do before I die.  Again, I think this is a very likable topic, and you did a great job with the way you executed your podcast!


Maggie’s Podcast!

multmediablogpicMaggie, I really enjoyed listening to your podcast.  The topic was so creative!  Just by listening to the podcast the listener can gather that you put a lot of work into organizing the entire thing and structuring it.  While listening to your podcast I found myself thinking about what a great idea you had, and how all of your ideas dealing with structure are really well thought out.  I thought this about your video essay also, so I guess you are just a well structured individual when it comes to this type of stuff!! I wish I was more like that.  Back to the podcast, I really enjoyed the beginning of it.  I thought it was really cool to hear what others listen to on the buses, it made me feel really connected, being that these were other Rutgers Students on the same Rutgers buses that I ride.  I think that was a great way to get the listener to listen more, being that we can all relate to this in some way!  Overall, you did an awesome job and I really liked it!

Gabby’s Podcast!

Gabby, I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say in your podcast.  Like others have mentioned, the fact that it was a true story made me very tuned into it and eager to hear more as I was listening.  I applaud you for being able to talk about such a controversial topic in such a well organized podcast.  I really enjoyed listening to it, and for those of you who have not listened to Gabby’s podcast, I highly recommend you do!

The exact reason why I am afraid of online banking and purchases….

I know that horror stories about robberies and money happen all the time, however for some reason online banking and fraud pertaining to it always has me worried about my money and bank account.  After reading this article, , I continue to worry about online theft and fraud.  It really worries me that hackers can hack into my online banking at any time and rob me from all of my money.  I even worry when I make online purchases, whether I store my credit card information in the browser or not.  I never really store my information in the browser anymore, because my parents have advised me not to.  However, it worries me that the wrong hands could get my information simply by acquiring it through a transaction and hacking into a website or account.

As this article mentions, cybercrime is rather apparent and it worries me that a lot more people than we think can be doing this.  I am extremely paranoid about my money, as I am sure most people are, and I am constantly checking my accounts, and double checking my balances.  It is mindblowing to me that these people were getting away with stealing money, and big amounts if it.  It is only fair that they are now caught, however it just gets my mind wondering about all the other cybercrimes that take place out there, no matter how big or small, they are all crimes, and I worry that they go unnoticed.  However, maybe with things like this happening more and more frequently, the hackers themselves will be easier to track down and catch.  I really do not know anything about hacking, so I could be totally wrong, I just hope evil people do not continue to get away with stealing from others.

This Class

I know that many people have posted about this class in the past, and hell I may have even commented/posted on it before also.  However, I am now at a point in the class that I feel I am comfortable with what I am learning and how the class operates.  Like I’ve said in the past, I was extremely hesitant to stay enrolled in this class when I found out it dealt with a lot of technological things and online work.  I really enjoy Prof. Bielecki, and I’ve had him before so I thought I might as well stick it out and give the class a try, even though the topic is not my cup of tea.  After the first few classes, I found myself becoming frustrated with these blog posts, the blog comments, and even using imovie.  I did not like that I was unfamiliar with these things, and I wasn’t willing to try them out and explore them, which made it harder for me to learn how to use them efficiently.  I remember calling my brother frantically one night about imovie and how I couldn’t figure it out, and he told me that I needed to be patient and explore imovie before I actually went ahead and tried to complete my entire video essay in one sitting.  I decided to sit down and think about what we had learned in class and the info sheets that were posted on wordpress about using imovie.  I then played around with it and was able to get myself on track and less frustrated with using it.  Same thing goes for using wordpress.  I can honestly say, it wasnt that I did not enjoy blogging, it was more so that I was confused with how to work the blog, how to post my own post and how to comment.  After just taking some time to simply explore the website I became much more comfortable using it.  Shocking, or not haha, same thing goes for audacity.  When I first tried recording my podcast I became very short fused and frustrated because it wasnt going my way and thing were not coming out how I wanted them to.  After patiently taking the time to read through the audacity notes and play around with it, I am able to work confidently in audacity and I am happy with myself for doing so.

Overall, I am really happy that I stuck with this work.  I went from being someone who would never think to use imovie or audacity, to someone who is looking for every opportunity to use either of these two programs.  I am sure the same will happen with wordpress, once I get my blog up and running.  I am eager to work on my blog, and test the waters with wordpress!  I think it is going to be really fun and great to learn being that blogging is so apparent in today’s society!

My Podcast

How is everyone coming along with their podcasts?  I am doing alright with mine.  I am still figuring out the effects and features of audacity but I think I am slowly getting the hang of the program.  At first I couldnt remember some of the basic things about audacity, even the things that we played around with in class, but after playing around with it for a little while before I got serious and started my podcast, I was able to familiarize myself with the program.   Right now I have about 6 minutes of my podcast recorded.  I have a script written out for the rest of it, however I have had a lot of ideas come in and out of my mind about the second half of my podcast and I am not ready to sit down and finish it yet.  I really need to think more about the structure and organization of it, and then figure out which approach I want to take in order to finish it.

For those of  you that have not started, or do not have a script (or some sort of ordered list) I would highly recommend you consider one.  At first I was not planning on having a script, in fact I barely even prepared a structure or layout to organize my ideas and thoughts about what I was going to be speaking about in the podcast.  I tried recording about my topic (which is sorority girl stereotypes), and it was a disaster.  I listened to what I had and it was so terribly organized and planned.  I then decided to write out a basic outline with bullet points about my main speaking points.  I did some research and found some clips that would fit into what I was trying to say, and worked them into my outline.  I then wrote out exactly what I wanted to say and the order I planned on saying it.  This helped me a lot when recording because I was able to stay on task and keep focused on the points that I was talking about, without straying way off subject or having awkward pauses between sentences.

My only issue that I am now having is with sound.  Some of the recordings that I recorded with my own voice are louder than the ones that I converted into mp3 from youtube.  I am unsure how to lower the volume of select segments.  I really hope that there is a way that I can do this, if not I am worried that my podcast’s volume will be very loud at certain points and significantly quieter during others.  If anybody has any suggestions about how to correct this volume issue I am having PLEASE let me know ASAP!!! I will appreciate it greatly!!!

Welp, hope all is going well for everyone else!  Good luck with everything, I am sure that everyone’s podcasts will be awesome!

Remember Motorola phones?!

I am sure some of the people who are more into technology know that motorola is a company that still exits, but for those of us who are less into technological things, it may be more surprising to hear the word: motorola.  The last time I heard the word Motorola was way back in the day when the motorola razor flip phone came out and it was the latest craze.  I remember begging my parents for a phone like this.  I wanted it so badly, no matter how ridiculously overpriced it was, or how terrible it’s battery life was.  It was something that many of my peers had, and I wanted to fit in and have one also.  Needless to say, I never did actually end up with a motorola razor flip phone, but I can still remember how badly I wanted one.

After reading this article,  Motorola Aims for Do-it Yourself Smart Phones , I was thinking a lot about how different phones are and what not.  I know that this is something that is commonly mentioned in posts and class, but I really could talk about it and think about it for days.  It is crazy to see how something as simple as an old flip phone, has turned into something so advanced.  It is so interesting to see how we are now at a point where creating  your own smartphone is becoming an option.  I know that this is not something that will become official for a while (just like all new technology and ideas), but it has been thought out and is going to be carried out very soon, with where we are at in today’s society.  I think it would be awesome to have a do-it yourself smart phone.  Granted it is not something that I would need in my life, in order to survive, but I think it would be a fun extra to have!