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Future Advances



We obviously live in a society and time filled with constant change and advances in a technological aspect. I often find myself wondering, “What could they possibly do next?” How can these companies create not only new phones or computers, but also innovate appliances like the fan pictured above. Where people develop misconceptions comes from the thought that ‘technology’ only deals with cell phones or computers. With that, comes certain blindness to what we could actually do with advanced technology and how it can better our everyday life. There are certain skeptics towards this idea as stated by Jaron, who says we have recently been losing sight on ‘wide-open development’ with connection to technology. I disagree in a sense because that is a severely close-minded view. Why not use the advances and test it out with modern daily items. That would be the ultimate way of keeping developments ‘wide open’.

            In conclusion, a question I want to pose should spark some interesting topics of inventions and debate. What do you think will be the next big thing in technology development? An idea that always stuck with me was the thought of there being no more school ‘books’. I believe in a pretty relative timeframe, there will be no more books for classes, rather all material will be purchased and displayed on something that resembles an iPad. I believe every student will have their personal ‘tablet’ and all of their reading material will be distributed thru a server of some sort.



Podcast Ideas

Creating a podcast is something completely new and refreshing compared to some of the other projects I’ve done since I’ve attended Rutgers. This project is a bit of a challenge because I have never listened to a podcast before last week. Since then I have checked a few out and understand why people religiously listen to them and can see a future trend. When I began to think of a topic for this podcast I wanted to incorporate something with sports but different than a normal sports podcast, with myself sounding like a journalist or analyst. I have a rough idea of what I want to do and it involves athletes here at Rutgers and the difference of their daily routine from a non athlete. I would be able to interview multiple athletes from different sports and students whose majors vary to get a diverse feel and not the same answers. This is a very rough idea but hopefully it could turn into an interesting topic that shows how different these student’s lives are. 

Limiting Social Media

How does one combat your child’s excessive use of technology you ask? Why not ban the existence of it in your life for an entire year. The link above leads directly to a story about a family, which carried out an unorthodox tradition of removing cell phones, tablets, flat screen TV’s and anything even slightly considered a tool of technology. As stated in the article, it took ‘Today’, hours upon hours to even get in contact with the family, as father Blair McMillan simply put it, “we don’t have call waiting or an answering machine”.  Imagine with how in tune not only our generation is with technology but how much it affects the world we live. Could you imagine a town or campus shutting down the use of electronics for a day let alone an entire year? While one could sit all day and list how important technology is for the advancement of our society and the many positive benefactors it brings, it’s clear that we as a society have become entirely too dependent on technology.

As McMillan stated in the article, this wasn’t necessarily a punishment for his girlfriend and children rather a way to connect deeper as a family in non-traditional ways and he states, “instead, shutting their family off from the normal barrage of technology opened up new doors, both literally and figuratively. After dinner, the family has to find an activity to occupy their time.” He goes on to speak about how the lack of technology has in term built a bond between his sons and, “the boys have become closer as a result of the experiment, although they do tend to fight more because they’re playing together more frequently and have the normal sibling quarrels over sharing.” This may come as a surprise but this is solid proof towards the argument that electronics strain In house relationships. I personally use my iPhone and laptop constantly; the television is always on at my house. At home we have an iPad and two computers with multiple televisions also. I don’t feel the slightest disconnect with my family and many around my age group could argue the same thing. Although I am the youngest in my house, I have younger cousins that live locally that I see often and I can see how entrenched they are in their electronics and see my aunts and uncles have a tough time getting the full attention they seek. Although McMillan’s way of combating technology is unorthodox and a bit unrealistic, are their ways to limit technology with the good intentions of your family and is it necessary?

Jimmy Parnell Introduction

My name is James Parnell but most people call me Jimmy. I am a Junior here at Rutgers, pursuing a degree Criminal Justice. I enjoy watching and playing all sports and I spend my summers on the beach. To be honest, I originally added this course due to it being a Core Requirement but upon attending class, it seems to be a very interesting course. Technology is an aspect that is very prominent in not only my life but also most people surrounding me. I look forward to learning more about Multi Media Composition and all it entails.