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Cyber Monday

It’s sad to see how our society is slowly becoming more and more greedy. Thanksgiving is not even recognized by corporate America. The recent emergence of Cyber Monday is ultimately a result of the greediness of the consumers, not of the companies that use it to make money. If the consumers did not pay enough money to make the sales worth while, the companies would probably never have these sales. It is quite sad to hear about people spending tons of cash on items that they would probably never really use. What’s even more sad is our lack of awareness of how our Cyber Monday is possible. Many people in places like Amazon actually have paramedics ready at their warehouses in case of an emergency. Dehydration is not uncommon in sweatshops as temperatures rise well over 90 degrees. There are actually organizations that want people to pledge to not shop after black friday. This way, people in the online industry can suffer less.


The Shift from Paper to Computer

It was somewhat saddening when I heard that newspapers were shifting many of their resources from paper to the internet. It makes me feel like my generation and the generations to come are missing out on that early morning newspaper read with coffee when we get older. I’m not sure exactly why I’m sad, but I definitely do not want to be reading my news from a computer or iPad when I grow up. I’d rather just take time to read when I get older.

In a way though, according to the article, there are benefits for the newspaper companies. Instead of having to rely on their old reader surveys which is apparently stale data, they can now rely on web traffics. This is where the site will show you what the most visited article is or what the most talked about one is. This way the newspaper can gear their content toward the interests of the viewers. A survey is not even necessary as this data would get tracked the moment you click it. If you read further down in the article, they even have a quota they would like to meet online for the number of visitors.

Like I said, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Although newspaper sites may be able to gear their articles toward people of different interests, I still like the paper version better.

Modern Day Heroes Watch Out.,d.cWc

This is something that Professor Bielecki showed to us in class this past week. I was pretty confused as why anyone would ever want to harm a stranger who is doing good. Witnesses are people who have the courage (hopefully) to report an incident for other people. In a sense, witnesses are heroes. They stick their neck out for others without asking for anything in return. I find it repulsive that people would abuse instagram to use it to rat out these kind people. I wonder what the motivation for these people was. If they needed a witness, I do not think they would appreciate their witness being ratted out. I would personally feel indebted to my witness if there was a hit and run and I was the victim. What is even more sick is how people like these photos. I think that anyone would find these photos very interesting. I can definitely see why people would want to like these photos, but by liking them, it’s encouraging this type of behavior. I’m just not sure what’s going on with this world anymore. 😦

Final Project

My final project will be about what I’m currently researching. I am an exercise major and got lucky enough to land a research position recently in the field that I am actually studying. At this point in time, I think that my blog will be about what I am doing. In addition, I will also be bringing up literature and discussing the interesting things that come up and bring some truths to light in the field of VO2 max and CO2 production when we walk at certain speeds. I will discuss what I would want to do if I was given the chance to start my own project. I’m still not sure exactly how this would work because I am not sure how many posts I can post before I run out. This would also require a lot of extra research because it would definitely be hard to take a paper and talk about it for more than 2-3 posts of around 500 words. I am also not sure how well this would work because pictures would not really be an option. It would just be graphs and charts. I’m not sure how interested a reader would be in reading science. If I were to factor the interest of the audience in my topic, it would probably be pretty low. Therefore, I’m not 100% sure if I want to follow through with it.

Bad article.

A millennial is somebody who was born between 1980-2000. Perhaps, I’m a little biased because I fit into this category, but I do not think that many of us will end up in therapy. The reasons they give are also pretty bad. The second reason – that we have really High Definition TV’s does not even make any sense. That is like saying that the more sophisticated technology gets, the more likely we will end up in therapy. I have not heard/read of anything as ludicrous as that claim. The third reason – that we are over documented is also pretty stupid. I do not think that the stupid things that we did when we were still babies are going to affect our image or reputation in the real world. If anything, being over documented as a baby shows how much our parents care about us. They want to record things so that they can share memories with you and also create memories for themselves when they forget. The one point that the writer can say is that it might make us narcissistic but I think that’s also dependent on how we are raised. If the family teaches their kid good things and are good examples then the kid should grow up alright with or without their overly/under documented childhood. The third point is also pretty bad. Distractions are definitely not going to make this world a worse place. It’s up to us to adapt to the distractions, but they definitely will not make us people who are more likely to get messed up in the future. Overwhelming information is probably a good thing. We know so many things that people before did not know. This is a good way to educate people. How many times have we been distracted by interesting videos or articles? Although the information may not always necessarily be good, it is information. It is all up to the person to use that information. The list goes on about how the writer has not really thought out their thoughts. It is quite possible that we have a higher chance of going cuckoo, but I do not think that it is attributed to anything listed.


I think the biggest problem with our project is figuring out when to get together to work on the video part of the project. None of the people in our group have Macs so it is a bit of a hassle to go to a computer lab. I personally think the video editing part is the most annoying/tedious part because even though you might have the perfect recorded essay, the video editing can make or break the impact that the project has on the reader. I think that podcasts are much easier. Even though the length of it is much longer, I think that I enjoy writing/talking more than I enjoy recording videos and editing videos. With video editing, it will definitely be tough to fill up more than five minutes of talking. It will definitely require a lot of different pictures and videos to help the person who is watching pay attention to the video even if you have a very interesting topic. I think today’s generation is much more dependent on their eyes than ears in today’s media. For example, we choose to watch a lot of music videos even though we can just listen to it. However, many people who do choose to watch music videos in their free time do so because they get a better experience. A lot of times I see a lot of Youtube videos getting thousands and thousands of views not because of the content, but because the Youtuber has made something great out of something pretty banal/stupid. For example, the song “What does the Fox Say,” the only impetus that the song has is trying to figure out what a fox says. Then it is followed by ridiculous hypothesis of what noises a fox might make. One could easily just search up “fox sounds” on Youtube and find the answer, but this European pop star has made it big by dressing ridiculously in the video and also singing a ridiculous song. I hope that the content of our presentation will be able to engage the people who watch our video without having to do anything extreme. I am not sure if you share any similar thoughts, but hopefully your project is going well!