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Sorority Stereotypes – Jenna Scillitani

Ok, so I chose to listen to Jenna’s podcast because I want to join a sorority next semester so I think hearing about stereotypes and such from someone already in one would be helpful and also because my older sister is in a sorority. When she told me she had joined a sorority I had this idea of hazing and stepping and a bunch of other stereotypes fed to me by mass media which she quickly dispelled.

That being said, I can’t wait to hear what Jenna has to say!

The intro was very good, using sound clips from girls stating their sororities helped set the mood and get the listener’s attention. I loved the “she’s fake, that’s the type of people I hate” quote.

Wow. That letter. Lmfao. That girl has some serious issues.

I think you gave some really great points/comments not only on the stereotypes of sorority girls but also on stereotypes in general. Like you said there are two sides to every story but the media tends to focus solely on the negative and more sensational aspects. I know so many people that wholeheartedly believe these stereotypes about sorority girls and I should make them listen to your podcast. Overall, you did a great job both informing and entertaining the listener!


R&B Podcast – Maggie Woodruff

Wow, great intro! The bus sounds were totally unexpected and really pulls you into the podcast. I love the way you structured it as I feel that I really am on that bus with you. To the “over there” person listening to”Dissolve Me” by Alt-J, you’ve got great taste in music.

Deciding to distribute your survey through Facebook was a great idea and including the question about what their major is, I’m assuming (typing this as I listen) is going to help provide some interesting connections.

Seriously, I don’t know how but I have loved almost every song that has been played in this podcast so far. Go Rutgers students. I just added “Ovideo” to my spotify, and “Sweater Weather” has been on there for months. I’m actually pretty surprised that there’s so much indie, alternative, and alternative pop music on this playlist. I feel that so many Rutgers students openly proclaim love to EDM I expected a lot more house, dubstep, and trapstep. Also, with so many people coming from so many different backgrounds I definitely expected more “ethnic” songs, or at least something in spanish or an asian language. Oh and not a single instrumental song.

You just said you love Alt-J. Ok, you deserve an A (even though you already do, this podcast is great).

Overall, I think that your set-up/execution of this idea was absolutely brilliant. This podcast could’ve gone a completely different way but I think your incorporation of music, survey results, and commentary was done well and with the perfect balance between the three. I think the variety of music (a Disney song? Awesome!) shows just how diverse students here, and everywhere, really are. Oh and you mentioned no Beyonce, yes girl. Yes. All hail the Queen B.

Interracial Dating Podcast-Evie Duvert

Ok, first off you seemed so natural! There were no awkward pauses or any big mess-ups or anything so big props to you girl. I loved the line “are all your options open? Because your soulmate may not be rocking the same skin color.” With just 8.4% of marriages being interracial, like you said, isn’t actually all that much. I’ve literally met about 3 other people whose parents were interracial.

I personally think the biggest reason that interracial relationships aren’t as popular because couples like to have that common background. Personally being in an interracial relationship it’s both interesting and stressing that we have two completely different backgrounds/heritages.

And omg yesssss there are so many attractive people on Rutgers, people need to get out of the mindset that they have to date within their race.

That Chris Rock clip was perfect, it was hilarious. I’m pretty sure my roommate thought I was crazy laughing to myself.

I think you summed this all up very nicely in the end by saying “whatever the reason, whatever the gender, whatever the race, age, occupation; love should not be based on trivial things. If they make you happy then that’s all that should matter. In the end it’s your life, and you, not your parents your grandparents or relatives, will be living it. So make it worthwhile and make it happy.” Perfectly said! (Also ending with a Beyonce song automatically makes this a great podcast in my book)

Audacity Problems

Is anyone else having issues with audacity? I’ve used it before so I thought I knew my way around but maybe not. My biggest problem is that it keeps “unexpectedly quitting” every time I try to import a new file. I restarted my computer and that fixed it for one clip but I will literally never get anything done if I have to restart my computer after I import a single clip. Does anyone have any suggestions or know how to fix this?

Also, every time I export something it automatically fades out the ending of the clip does anyone know how to disable that?

Catch An Illegal Immigrant “Game” at the University of Texas

First of all, who thought this was a good idea?!

The chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas, Lorenzo Garcia, is catching heat (well deserved heat) after organizing a “catch an illegal immigrant game” at the University of Texas. The premise of the game calls for students to apprehend people wearing “illegal immigrant” labels in exchange for a $25 gift card. The game was supposed to increase awareness of illegal immigration but is now instead garnering national fame for it’s absurdity.

According to Buzzfeed’s interview with Garcia, he said that “what’s going on is you go up to them and you present them a student ID and say, ‘Hi, I’m here to take you in, immigration services.”‘

This isn’t Garcia’s first controversy as he caught heat for an anti-affirmative action back sale earlier in the fall which set different prices for people of different races. 

Regardless of my political views the idea of “catching illegal immigrants” as a game is something that should not be tolerated.

Improv or scripted?

Just out of curiosity are you guys writing out an entire script for your podcast or just winging it? Personally, I’m doing a mix of both by outlining what I want to say with all of my major points. To be honest I just really don’t have the patience nor the willpower to sit down a write a script for a ten minute podcast. Even with the use of additional media I think I’m going to find a hard time making all the way to ten minutes. As always, I wish I hadn’t of waited until now to really start working on the podcast. I collected all the media I wanted to use but I think tonight is the first night I’ve actually sat down, planned it out, and typed something up. Where are the rest of you guys at with your podcasts? Please tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t gotten to work yet. Also, to those of you who have recorded something already- did you find it easier to have a fully done script?

The Rosenberg Revolution

Have you guys seen this video?

It’s a video from an ex-part time professor at Rutgers talking about how Rutgers’ departments force professors to give only 20% of students As and 20% of students Cs and Ds and such. Does anyone know if this is actually true? Being a freshmen I can’t speak from experience on the matter but if this is true this is absolutely appalling. So if someone works their ass all semester they might be given a worse grade than they deserve just because of statistics? What?! As Dr. Rosenberg says in the video this is crazy and extremely detrimental to students’ futures; especially in such a large university. If this is true this has to be the absolute biggest RUScew of them all. If anyone knows more about the validity of this man’s claims I would love to hear about it.

I checked out Dr. Rosenberg on and it seems that Rutgers students have nothing but good things to say about the man.

And wow, he’s even got his own website and youtube page (and just in case you were wondering, here’s his wikipedia page).