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Sophmore at Rutgers University with scattered interests. I don't have a Twitter'; can't have people following you if you don't know where you're going.. However, replies to my posts are welcomed :)

Farewell…for now.

I actually thought about writing this right after we left our last class today, but a few people beat me to it. It may not seem like it, but I really did enjoy this class and meeting all of you. It was such an eye opening experience to be able to get to know people and not even be able to put a username to a face for a while. But I have learned so much and grown from being in a class with people who have different views on so many different topics: politics, spoken word, health, technology, and tea-just to name a few. And I really suck with names but I know a face anywhere. So if I see any of you expect an overly happy wave and a smile. Professor, thank you so much for giving us all the opportunity to broaden our horizons and experience a class as simple as Creative Writing in such a new way like Intro to Multimedia Composition. I now have a new set of technological skills that I am so excited to use. I might even keep up with my food blog..Hopefully this page can stay up as well and we can continue to share stories and articles and interesting things that we learn. It would be somewhat upsetting to invest so much time into building connections and being able to release your thoughts and just have it taken away. I’ve gotten used to checking this a few times a week and just reading what people have to say. But enough of all this mushie stuff, have a great rest of semester and good luck on ur exans guys!!



Rutgers Bus Playlists.

For my third podcast listen, I chose Maggie’s. Partly because I was in the room while she was recording chunks of hers, part because I was previously interested in the topic. I think this is an awesome podcast as well. Who would have known how diverse the music was across the campuses and majors. I know that people have different/multiple tastes in music, myself included, but you would never really know unless you ask them yourself. I listen to everything from Childish Gambino to Selena Gomez to Flyleaf to Chris Brown. I’m very diverse and it’s nice to know that there are other people who are just as diverse as I am. I actually found a song or two in this podcast that I liked and plan on finding to listen to the whole song. Good job Maggie!

Sororities and Greek Life.

For my second podcast that I listened to, I chose Jenna Scillitani’s. I found hers to be very illuminating on the subject. Your stereotypes were spot-on! When my best friend told me she was joining a sorority last semester at her college, I thought a lot of those thoughts that you mentioned in the podcast (sorority girls please do not be offended). But once I saw the person that she has become from it, I can appreciate them a little more than before. I may not be the kind of girl to join a sorority (I am actively a part of several volunteer organizations on campus already), but I can start to appreciate the work that they do in the community.

Sexuality, Procrastination, and Coming Out.

For the first podcast I listened to, I chose Gabby’s. I went to hers first because I remember reading and commenting on her blog post about her ideas and I really wanted to see what she ended up choosing. First off, it flows really good. Like there were no awkward pauses or anything like that, which made it easy to listen to. Her clips from a remixed song and from a spoken word on the topic were very real and very strong. Her personal story on coming out is what really caught my attention, as well as her tips on various aspects on coming out. She says that her story is not that interesting, however I found it to be very much so. Because it was HERS. Any story about anyone that personal will always be interesting because it is the unadulterated truth from their experiences. Those are the best kinds of stories in my opinion. Awesome job Gab!

Turkey doomsday: t-5 days

For some strange reason I am really excited about thanksgiving this year. Maybe it’s because my mom is finally off this year so we can have it on the actual day rather than putting it off until the Sunday after. Maybe I just miss my family and friends from home: I haven’t seen my family in weeks and my friends in months (and the ones I have here are never around anymore). Maybe I just want some good old fashioned home cooking. Whatever the reason, I am looking forward to good food, great people, shopping, and getting ready for Christmas. How about you all? What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Samsung, you clever foxes.

May we all take a moment and appreciate this lovely act of revenge?

I actually laughed out loud when I read this. And technically they aren’t breaking any laws by doing this, so kudos Samsung. Now if only I could find a way to use this.. *asks roommate to borrow five dollars >:)*


Hello all! So I am hacking away at my podcast idea, which if you read my post about it around a week or two ago, is about interracial dating. While I am collecting legitimate statistical information, I was curious to see how students here felt about it. so I created a form with a few questions for you all (if you would be so awesome to fill it out for me!). I promise it will take you less than five minutes and there is a question or two in there that I am interested to see how it gets responded to.

Here is the link:

It does not ask for names or even grade level, the only thing it asks about is your race (so I will honestly never be able to figure out who you are). Fill away, and if you want to share the link with a few other Rutgers students, feel free! Thanks guys!