Influence of Music

As I said before, my final blog is on music! I found an interesting article that shows the powerful influence of music on people, mostly teenagers. When I read it, I was shocked at how music can have a huge influence on the choices we make in everyday lives.

The more I thought about it, the more true it seemed–I mean, we’re influenced by our friends and family all the time, so why not something else we’re surrounded by 24/7?

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About dcho95

I'm a freshman at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. I'm planning on double majoring in English and Journalism and my dream is to eventually work at the New York Times. I'm originally from Morris County in New Jersey and live with my parents, younger brother, and my dog. I love listening to music. I find music especially comforting in times of hardship, which is why I love collecting CDs. Instead of buying music off of iTunes, I find that it is more memorable to have the actual disc in my hand. Out of all the genres of music, I especially like listening to R&B because it tends to be more calming for me--it's a lot slower and more lullaby-like than, let's say, EDM (but I find any kind of genre very interesting).

One thought on “Influence of Music

  1. jimmyparnell

    I agree and enjoyed reading this article. I constantly find myself immersed in music whether I like it or not. We are surrounded by it and it goes way beyond just listening to your ipod. Constantly people upload Facebook status or tweet song lyrics and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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