TV Production w/ Minimal Technology

Today when I was at The Good Wife CBS studios going through the motions, I took a minute to realize just how far TV has come.  What seems beyond imaginable to me though is just how people were even able to keep a show organized without the technology we have today.  Working in costumes, everything we do is budgeting receipts, scheduling fittings, returns, shopping, etc. How in the world did people keep track of all that before computers and cell phones?  It is very easy to see how much we take technology for granted without even realizing it.  On the positive side though, it is easy to see how much more advanced we have been able to make production because of technology.

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About mlkutch

I am currently a student at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University studying costume design. In my spare time I love running, lifting, crossfit, riding horses, traveling with my boyfriend, and listening to Bruce Springsteen. I currently live in New Brunswick, but permanently reside just outside of Philadelphia.

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