‘Tis the season to be shopping, falalalala-lala-la-la.

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday coming and going, you know that Christmas/holiday season has officially begun. Stores are whipping out their holiday decorations and sales and the mall is packed with Christmas shoppers. Working at Abercrombie and Fitch, I can tell you personally that working the extended holiday hours at the mall the few weeks before Christmas is the most stressful experience ever for both shoppers and employees. First of all, the store will never be clean no matter how many times you refold that same pile of sweaters. Last minute shoppers are freaking out over what to get their loved ones for the holiday and, you know what, that freaks out the employees. And don’t get me started on trying to find a parking spot. It’ll literally take an extra hour to get to the mall, an hour to find a parking spot, and an hour to leave the mall because of the giant clusterfuck of cars and panicked shoppers who are trying to find the best deals on gifts. Why deal with all this stress when you can find even better deals online? I found that I save more on major deals when I shop online because I can stack promotion codes that stores usually don’t allow. For example, I recently bought a pair of Vince Camuto riding boots and Boutique 9 sneaker wedges, both retailing at about $200 each, for $160 together. I remember going into Saks on Black Friday and seeing the sneaker wedges alone for $120 (on sale). If you find the right deals at the right time, you can save tons of money on your Christmas shopping and shopping in general. And the best part is you didn’t even have to leave the confines of your comfortable bed. Shopping online allows us the convenience of avoiding crazy-eyed shoppers, long lines, and the ability to compare prices and deals to find the most wallet-friendly sales for this season of gifting. Of course, there are limitations in that you can’t really try on the items, see the quality of the items, and the hassle of returning them if they weren’t what you expected, but for the amount that you save, it’s probably worth it to give it a shot anyway. So take out your credit cards shoppers, get your Paypal set up, and get ready to hunt the best deals and the best gifts for this season because ’tis the season to be shopping.




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