Technology in Textiles

Last week my professor took his class on a tour of the costume shops and dye shops in New York City.  We were able to see really incredible things being built for shows like Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, the Rockettes and so on.  However, the most interesting part of it all was the place we stopped last called Dyenamics.

This place is literally the forefront of fashion.  You can tell by the name they do a lot of fabric dying but in reality they do so much more.  They have these huge printers hooked up to computers and scanners allowing them to actually PRINT out a fabric!  Truly incredible.  This is very helpful to costumers who often need vintage prints and the examples could go on.  They also are developing, through technology, hundreds of ways to manipulate fabrics and fibers.  They have been coming up with so much that fashion designers turn to them for inspiration!  Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren will be turning out some works because of them on this yeas Fashion Week.  Dyenamics may also sound familiar to anyone who watches Project Runway.  The technology though is so advanced and new that they only have about 9 people on staff, simply because no one else understands the computer aspect and fashion technology aspect.  Crazy to think what clothes we may have on our backs in coming years.

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About mlkutch

I am currently a student at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University studying costume design. In my spare time I love running, lifting, crossfit, riding horses, traveling with my boyfriend, and listening to Bruce Springsteen. I currently live in New Brunswick, but permanently reside just outside of Philadelphia.

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