Podcast Project

So i know that the podcast projects passed but here is a description of what i did…

At first i had no idea what to do cause what is more awkward than talking into a microphone to yourself about something random that someone may or may not care about. So basically i was like screw everyone and i would talk about a topic that i liked. I found a topic that was interesting to research and talk about but i also didnt have to talk about much…. MUSIC!

More specifically one of my favorite bands…Maroon 5!

I basically went through the history of the band and how the started. The podcast included their backstory, their acheivements, all four albums, and a couple of their songs from each album.

It was weird to make but it was also cool what i found out about the band that i didn’t know! I can’t wait until their 5th album comes out that they are currently working on!

maroon 5


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