Fishing in bigger waters.

So I’m sure you’ve all seen ads around campus for “DateMy School” that we’ve all probably ignored because it’s exactly what the name says: a dating website for college students. While catching up with a few friends over Thanksgiving break, my best friend was telling me about how she and her current boyfriend of 9-months actually met and it was through Date My School, abbreviated as DMS. She explained how this website worked. You set up a profile stating your interests, likes and dislikes, and what you hope to gain from this website. You can set the age range, major, school selectivity, and others as parameters for the people you want to browse. And the people who don’t fall into these parameters cannot view your profile. When you view someone’s profile they’re notified of your visit and, vice versa, when someone visits yours, you are notified of their visit. You can “like” someone’s profile if you choose to save them in your “interested” list. Unfortunately, unlike in the past, to see who visited or liked you profile or send and receive messages, you have to pay a monthly membership. According to my friend, there are many couples like her who are in happy, long-term relationships who met through DMS. My theory is that meeting online forces you to learn more about the other person and really find out if they’re a match for you before starting a relationship, which is why these relationships are so successful. I personally haven’t made a profile, but I think DMS is an interesting way to fish in bigger waters since you can meet college students from all over the country.

What do you think of online dating services? Would you ever personally try it out?



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