Working Black Friday

There are two view points that people see on black friday, the shopper and the employer working at a retail store. The shopper see it as an opportunity to buy as many things, they experience the rush and the excitement to start the holiday season shopping. However, people working that day experience many different emotions working that day. People shopping on black friday are going to malls, retail stores, and to many stores for one goal; to shop. It could be something that they actually need or not at all. Everything drops in prices and people see it as opportunity to get something for a low price.

However, shoppers sometimes do not see that there are people working for 8 to 9 hours shift trying to help those eager shoppers. In my experience, shoppers can be rude, disrespectful and will not appreciate those workers working unusual hours and for what? to obtain an object that will last for few years and then thrown out but on the expense of other people. In my opinion, people in any circumstances should be rude to others just to have an object.


One thought on “Working Black Friday

  1. kathleenlee3

    I think this is a valid point, but also a point that can be made for year round shoppers. I have worked in retail and currently work at a bagel shop. It’s amazing how rude customers can be. I wish they knew how much it can affect my day!


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