Final Project Blog & Goodbye!

My final blog is not on the page  with the rest of yours, for what I can only assume is blind and misguided hatred from Professor Bielecki (just kidding!).

So here’s a little link in case any of you wanted to check it out (and to make sure there is physical proof, that yes, I did finish my project):

It’s about trying to be a writer, not by waiting for wild inspiration to strike your hands and magically produce a novel/poem, but by working hard and writing for hours every day.

Funny story, I was just looking at my New Year’s resolutions a few days ago and realized that making a writing blog was one of them.


(Now if I could just learn French and Japanese in the next 20 days, I would have completed ALL my resolutions!)

I am actually going to keep updating my blog for the long foreseeable future. I’ve been pretty active in the Blogosphere (yes, that’s a thing) for the past week. I’ve met some wonderful writers and aspiring writers — from single fathers, depressed teenagers, loving mothers, and just plain insane (in the good way) people…from all over the world (seriously, like 20% of my views are coming from India!) There are people trying to make a poem everyday, people trying to pump out 300 short fiction pieces, people exploring gender relations through medieval fantasy shorts, and this guy that makes short science fiction pieces, but from the perspective of unlikely background characters.

I’ve even met some people trying to work with the exact same genres I do, and it is just great to be able to read and comment on each other’s work!

Closing words; I am really bad with faces, but it was a fun class! Wish you all happy holidays/winter break/winter solstice/time period at the end of year!

PS. I just felt I needed one last PS.


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