Dear Maggie:

So I was scrolling through the blog and I saw a bunch of responses to your podcast, and I thought what’s the big deal with this podcast. I’d say that your podcast is probably a tie for favorites with Neil’s. Your podcast was very personable and I loved how you put your two cents in for every song; I found it pretty funny. I also discovered some new songs that I actually wanted to download onto my own playlist, so thanks for identifying the name and singer of each song. Your research was pretty interesting to hear about even if music preference was equally spread between all campuses and majors. For me personally, I think listening to music on the bus makes my commute to classes and my day overall happier. If I’m travelling with a friend I’ll talk with them, but when I’m alone and without music it makes my day a little glum. Music is scientifically proven to have that effect, so I suppose everyone subconsciously experiences this whether or not they’ve thought about how listening to music on the bus has changed the experience. Great job in editing the podcast; the transition from song to song was not choppy at all and made it very pleasant to listen to. Listening to your podcast was a pleasure.




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