Top Universities Don’t Represent Population

My one friend who is middle/lower class according to income standards, and attends the University of Pennsylvania, posted this article the other day. It was great to see that because she recognizes the misrepresentation going on at Ivy League schools such as hers. Additionally, I love to see some media coverage on this topic. But its true – elite universities such as the University of Pennsylvania consist of kids of some of the richest families in our country. Sometimes these people even get into school just because of their name or who they know. Ever since I have gone to college and took Research in the Disciplines: College! this semester, I have come to understand socio-economic class from an evolved perspective. Although Rutgers is no elite university, we do have a smart student body that comes from legitimately all backgrounds. What such an environment does for education cannot exactly be explained via words, especially in a short WordPress post as such. To go to a university in which you are surrounded by people and minds just like yours, then no true education is taking place. 


One thought on “Top Universities Don’t Represent Population

  1. kathleenlee3

    This is a topic that gets me kind of worked up. Both of my parents went to Notre Dame, and listening to them adn other students who go there it disappointed me that so many members of the student body are all wealthy. Why is this criteria for getting into a university?


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