Sandy Hook Exploited Again

OK so on my own blog I posted a different article about the President and his administration exploiting the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings. Now, I came across THIS article on the Huffington Post. Maybe this would surprise some of you since the Huffington Post isn’t exactly the most conservative blog out there, therefore you wouldn’t expect them to run such a story. But hey, we all get proved wrong sometimes.
Here a pro-gun control advocacy group is running an ad in light of the anniversary of the shooting and they wrap up the ad by calling everyone to speak up for gun control. Let’s just say that one of the victim’s mom was not too happy about the commercial.


One thought on “Sandy Hook Exploited Again

  1. laurenreesebenson

    Hmm.. very interesting article. I can’t say what my opinion is on gun control at the moment, but every news article I read, for and opposing, both add to my personal understanding of the situation.


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