“Disabled” Mannequins

I found a huffington post article a few days ago (link below) that included this video. It’s safe to say that this was probably one of the most inspiring and genuinely nice thing i’ve seen on the internet in months. How many times do you walk into and out of the mall wishing that you looked just a little more like the mannequins? A little bit thinner, a tiny big taller, and just a tad richer.

This video and article shows the work of one organization that created a series of mannequins based on the looks of disabled individuals. People with deformities were given the chance to see their unique bodies in the form of a mannequin wearing stylish clothing. These mannequins were then put in store windows and you watch as passerby’s study them in awe.

It’s extremely comforting seeing that not all clothing organizations are focused on bodily perfection that the media exploits on a day to day basis. After coming across this it has given me the chance to see just how extraordinary a small adjustment can be in helping the lives of others. The smiles and stunned looks on the faces of these individuals gives hope to a brighter future where a perfect size and shape are no longer determined by harsh criteria.






2 thoughts on ““Disabled” Mannequins

  1. kathleenlee3

    What a cool idea! I love this! It’s sad how our society can sometimes be so focused on looks and being super thin. But how do we necessarily open everyone’s mind? This is a great way.

  2. Quinn

    This was such an inspirational idea and truely a form of art. The image of the disabled person staring at a maniquin of their own body was so touching because we don’t realize that they have never seen that before. I loved it!


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