Thanksgiving Break

Since a lot of people wrote about Thanksgiving Break…

This break was quite a memorable one for me. I did not get to eat Thanksgiving food, did not get to reconnect with home friends, and did not get to meet with extended family. In fact, I had to get a minor throat surgery, could not eat anything but water, and stayed in bed almost all of break because of this throat infection. I was very bitter and angry during break while seeing all these cheerful and happy instagram and Facebook posts while I was in bed doing nothing but suffering. However, my family stayed with me the whole time and did their best in trying to make me feel better and I completely overlooked it. Also my close friends stopped by to cheer me up with stories and ice cream and this I also completely overlooked. By the end of the week, I realized that although I suffered a lot, so did my family and friends who had to see me in that horrible state. I was selfish to see that I was the only one suffering and didn’t realize that they also took time out of their break to come make me feel better.

So this thanksgiving break i realized how grateful i am towards my direct family and friends ❤


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