Living situation

Living off campus vs living on campus

Please give me your opinions!

I am going to be a junior next year and seeing that seniority system is still on the only place I can most likely get is busch apartments and MAYBE SLIGHT POSSIBILITY easton ave apartments.

But Ive lived on busch for two years and now I’m sick of busch and I definitely do not want to live in busch apartments.

However, off campus is just so complicated and yes, it is cheaper, but the money has to be paid upfront. But my friend has already found a house near the rutgers student center bus stop with 6 girls.



2 thoughts on “Living situation

  1. laurenreesebenson

    Off campus! You not only save a ton of money, but it’s also pretty cool living completely on your own. I would suggest trying to use the Rutgers website and let people know your interesting in living in a house off campus next year. Many people who want to live in a house have the problem of not having enough housemates to sign the lease. In my case, we needed one more girl to sign the lease in order to get the house I live at now. We found her on the Rutgers website because she was posting all over letting everyone know she wanted to live off campus. We talked to her, she seemed very normal so we said okay! She has now been living with us for 5 months and we all feel as if we’ve known her as long as we all know each other. Just be careful who you choose to live with!

  2. kathleenlee3

    I would definitely choose off campus! I haven’t lived on campus since I was a freshman, and it’s so nice to have more freedom and it will really prepare you for the real world. It’s a pain to have bills and rent, but I’m so glad I’ve already started to experience what it’s like.


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