Jenna’s Podcast

I really appreciated this podcast because it was so informative.  As someone who knows very little about Greek life it talked clearly about the pros and cons that people can assume.  Since like many college students, all I have ever been exposed to are the stereotypes it was interesting to see how Jenna talked about these and shared audio clips of genuine research.  However, she also completed a well rounded argument by presenting a very positive side and how helpful and enjoyable Greek life can really be.  It definitely seemed to organize facts from fiction when it comes to what we think about when we hear the word “sorority.”

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I am currently a student at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University studying costume design. In my spare time I love running, lifting, crossfit, riding horses, traveling with my boyfriend, and listening to Bruce Springsteen. I currently live in New Brunswick, but permanently reside just outside of Philadelphia.

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