Final Project Idea

So i’ve been working on my final project for the past few days. Mostly gathering a bunch of pictures, videos, and quotes that I can use to make the wordpress I created come alive. I think it’s easier to collect all the data and information you wish you post to your wordpress and keep it all in a folder until your ready to organize it onto your page. I found myself saving files after files and realizing that if I posted things to my wordpress as I found them, it wold make no sense, and have no rhyme or reason. 

I’m really interested to see everyones final blogs because I think this is the assignment everyone has been looking forward to the most. I know I am just beacuse I was getting tired of teaching myself how to use new programs for 3 hours to create something that should have only taken 5 minutes. WordPress is more in my comfort zone. I think every since myspace, creating any time of website has become second nature to many of us, so for that I am eternally thankful. 

Has anyone else been having trouble creating the layout, colors, background etc. the way you want it? I’ve almost upgraded to premium 3 times just because of how frustrated I am whenever I choose an awesome background and layout and realize I have to pay for it. 

I’m about to start filtering in all my information that i’ve gathered to put on the site thus far and organizing it into an easy-to-understand guide type format. I do need some opionions though… Do you guys think I should start with a summary of my own thoughts about my final project, or should I start out with the video that really got my gears grinding about the topic that im researching? 

Let me know 🙂 



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