Did pervious generations have it easier than ours?

Yesterday, while talking to two of my close friends studying organic chemistry, one of them out of frustration yelled “my parents are so lucky, they did not have to study all of this material and they did not have cells phones or computers to distract them  like us” my other friend studying organic chemistry at that time agreed with her. However, after being in this class and discussing how technology made a lot of our daily lives easier and at the same time took time right out of our hands, I was very hesitant to agree with them.

Maybe yes, pervious generations did not have the same amount of material to study as we do now, yet, they also did not have computers or “google” to look up explanations, videos, examples and more. They had to go to the library look up the right books, resources, or even meeting up with professors. That took a lot of time and effort, it was not easier than us in terms of learning material. I believe each generation face problems the next generation will not face. That is because as time moves forward, solutions for pervious problems gets solved and therefore whatever problems our generation is facing, the next will not. In my opinion, no one had it easier than anyone, we all have different stories, time periods and problems that we just have to face them with the time comes.


2 thoughts on “Did pervious generations have it easier than ours?

  1. laurenreesebenson

    I don’t nessesarily believe that previous generations have had it easier then us. I agree with you that with this widespread of technology we have available today, everything is so much easier to access and answers can be found at the touch of a button.

  2. kathleenlee3

    I like your idea that all generations have their individual problems to face. I don’t think anyone necessarily has it easier, but maybe certain areas like technology are getting easier for us. One thing this did make me think of though was how children have to learn so much more at such a younger age than they used to. The competition that runs through society will ultimately put stress on a very young generation.


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