Black Friday…Right after Thanksgiving?

So as usual, I was on Twitter a lot during break and a lot of my friends mentioned something important: Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving. After all, Thanksgiving is all about…giving thanks, right? Well, that’s exactly what my friends argued.

As much as I enjoy all the deals and sales that Black Friday has to offer, I feel that it destroys what Thanksgiving is all about. We’re giving thanks for everything we have because there are so many others who don’t have as much as we have…and yet the next day, we beat other people just to buy something that costs $9.99 rather than $19.99. I also feel bad for the workers who work on Black Friday because it doesn’t seem as though they can get a break either. Stores would need employees to work double shifts and overtime just to compensate for all the customers who walk into the store. It sucks because I know that I’d want to go shopping and get everything I need for a low price, but at the same time,  I’d want to give some space to the employees and give them a break as well.

Even though I feel this way, I’m still torn between who I want to do and what I should do.

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I'm a freshman at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. I'm planning on double majoring in English and Journalism and my dream is to eventually work at the New York Times. I'm originally from Morris County in New Jersey and live with my parents, younger brother, and my dog. I love listening to music. I find music especially comforting in times of hardship, which is why I love collecting CDs. Instead of buying music off of iTunes, I find that it is more memorable to have the actual disc in my hand. Out of all the genres of music, I especially like listening to R&B because it tends to be more calming for me--it's a lot slower and more lullaby-like than, let's say, EDM (but I find any kind of genre very interesting).

2 thoughts on “Black Friday…Right after Thanksgiving?

  1. laurenreesebenson

    I have to agree with you. Black Friday does sort of cancel out the meaning of Thanksgiving. But there is some sort of hidden silver lining in all of this, and I think thats the idea that if Black Friday occured on any other day of the year, we wouldnt really notice how ungrateful our tendencies can be. It would be just like another normal shopping day. I think its great that our society is even discussing the controversial topic of Black Friday because it means we realize there is a flaw in this system.

  2. kathleenlee3

    In my opinion as long as Black Friday stays only on Friday than that’s okay. I’m so confused by all these deals that are now starting on thanksgiving night. Can the world just relax and wait til Friday??


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