“Before I die” by Neil

Your podcast was very interesting to listen to because that question “what would you want to do before you die?” differ for everyone. I liked the fact that you would want to visit all the States first, have a beer in each state before you go traveling to other places. I realized that we have a lot of interesting places and things that we could do that are right here yet we take them for granted because they are next to us. The bucket list could be something so simple yet something we wouldn’t do everyday of our lives. In my opinion, the bucket list should be something out of the norm because we live life following the norm like everybody else, so my bucket list would be doing something abnormal. That is why the bucket list is so interesting because people’s perspective on it differ completely. My bucket list and my best friends is really different even though our personality is very alike. Hearing you podcast was very entertaining and showed new perspective to look at.


One thought on ““Before I die” by Neil

  1. rebeccalee0927

    This one was very interesting! It made me think about all the things I want to do before I die and i realized that i have so many things i want to do but have so little time. :((
    from school and work I’m so limited !


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