Cyber Monday

It’s sad to see how our society is slowly becoming more and more greedy. Thanksgiving is not even recognized by corporate America. The recent emergence of Cyber Monday is ultimately a result of the greediness of the consumers, not of the companies that use it to make money. If the consumers did not pay enough money to make the sales worth while, the companies would probably never have these sales. It is quite sad to hear about people spending tons of cash on items that they would probably never really use. What’s even more sad is our lack of awareness of how our Cyber Monday is possible. Many people in places like Amazon actually have paramedics ready at their warehouses in case of an emergency. Dehydration is not uncommon in sweatshops as temperatures rise well over 90 degrees. There are actually organizations that want people to pledge to not shop after black friday. This way, people in the online industry can suffer less.


One thought on “Cyber Monday

  1. kathleenlee3

    I’m so behind, until about two weeks ago I had never even heard of Cyber Monday. But I guess maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t heard, because I’m not caught up in all the shopping that goes down right after thanksgiving. It is sad how much emphasis is put on this shopping, it’s an obsession!


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