Neil Garrett’s Podcast!

Neil, I really enjoyed listening to your podcast!  I remember listening to you talking about your ideas and thoughts for creating the podcast in class, so I was excited to see how it all came together.  I found it very interesting  to listen to, and really got me thinking.  I liked hearing what other people had to say, since I find this topic very interesting.  I also found myself comparing my thoughts to others’ in the podcast.  I even caught myself thinking about my bucket list and the things I want to do before I die.  Again, I think this is a very likable topic, and you did a great job with the way you executed your podcast!

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My name is Jenna. I am a student at Rutgers University. My major is Public Health, and I am in a BS/MPH Program for a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences. In my free time, I really enjoy working on DIY (Do-it Yourself) projects and crafting.

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