Dear Tania:

I found your podcast about your study abroad experience in Paris very entertaining and extremely informative! I plan to study abroad for at least a year during my collegiate years in the Netherlands, and I was super excited to listen to your experience. I think my favorite part was listening to the cultural differences and how it affects the people as a country. I didn’t realize that so many people in France were more reserved and more conformist. It feels a little strange because everyone in the US grows up being encouraged to be individualistic. The French are little more intimidating now that I know their customs are so different from ours. Like you said, building friendships and relationships take more time in France than in the US, so I’m not really sure how to approach them now in the event that I encounter one! It’s okay, tho. At least there are some things that will take well to my enthusiasm: those baguettes and French pastries… fatty senses tingling.

I hope that my study abroad experience is as fun and life-changing as yours. I can’t wait to prove or disprove some of my stereotypes about the Dutch.



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