Dear Evie:

Yay for statistics! Lol. Even though I can’t really remember them off the top of my head, they were really interesting to hear! I think interracial dating is awesome, and the babies always turn out looking super exotic or really pretty. It’s probably easier to find interracial dating in the US because we are the epitome of a “melting pot” of cultures. There’s people of all different races that share the same culture, which makes these sort of relationships more common. I feel like in other countries where the native culture is so dominant, it’s hard for people to find someone who’s interracially compatible because of cultural and language barriers. My first boyfriend was from the Netherlands and if he didn’t speak English as well as he did, we probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did. We were both fascinated by each other’s culture too, so there wasn’t much of a cultural barrier between us as well. I suppose it’s all about finding the right person. I definitely agree that our parents’ generation doesn’t take to interracial dating well; I know my parents were unhappy that I had a white boyfriend, but like you said, it’s your life so you should be with someone who makes you happy, regardless of their race or what other people say. Thanks for sharing your podcast! (Not that you had an option, but that’s beside the point.) It was very exciting and fascinating to listen to.



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