Sorority Stereotypes – Jenna Scillitani

Ok, so I chose to listen to Jenna’s podcast because I want to join a sorority next semester so I think hearing about stereotypes and such from someone already in one would be helpful and also because my older sister is in a sorority. When she told me she had joined a sorority I had this idea of hazing and stepping and a bunch of other stereotypes fed to me by mass media which she quickly dispelled.

That being said, I can’t wait to hear what Jenna has to say!

The intro was very good, using sound clips from girls stating their sororities helped set the mood and get the listener’s attention. I loved the “she’s fake, that’s the type of people I hate” quote.

Wow. That letter. Lmfao. That girl has some serious issues.

I think you gave some really great points/comments not only on the stereotypes of sorority girls but also on stereotypes in general. Like you said there are two sides to every story but the media tends to focus solely on the negative and more sensational aspects. I know so many people that wholeheartedly believe these stereotypes about sorority girls and I should make them listen to your podcast. Overall, you did a great job both informing and entertaining the listener!


One thought on “Sorority Stereotypes – Jenna Scillitani

  1. quinncmckay

    I’m surprised you hadn’t heard the letter before, I actually read your post and decided to listen to Jenna’s podcast as well. It was definitely entertaining and really interesting. I think it was really educational for someone who is looking to join Greek Life to listen to.


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