MAGGIE I listened to your podcast…

and I loved it! Awesome topic choice. I think it’s safe to say that almost every classmates who has listened to your podcast has music preferences, so your topic is relatable for everyone. I especially liked the introduction of your podcast. I thought it was very creative how you brought the listener through the earphones of surrounding bus riders. It is interesting how all of the people on the bus are in the same physical environment, but each person can bring his/her mind to a completely different place depending on his/her song seletion. I like how you used Facebook to collect your own data, I wish I had participated in your survey (but I never ride the bus so…). Each campus has a specific  concentration of majors, which sometimes implies expectations on the residents (therefore also the most frequent bus riders), but surprisingly this does not correlate to their music selection. I would have expected your data to reveal that each campus, or bus route, has a most listened to genre.  Overall, great job on your podcast. [I also agreed with a lot of your music preferences!] I look forward to seeing your WordPress project. 



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