I listened to Jenna’s podcast on sororities and stereotypes. I found it interesting because as a girl who isn’t associated with a sorority I compared my own stereotypes with the ones mentioned in the podcast. I really liked the introduction with all of the sorority’s songs and chants and how she included the letter that anyone who goes on websites such as buzzfeed has heard about from last spring. And while I don’t think I hold too many stereotypes to Rutgers sororities that she mentioned because many of my friends are in sororities it actually made me really glad to be a “GDI” otherwise known as God Dam Independent and furthermore meaning not affiliated with Greek Life. Being a GDI I don’t have to constantly deal with people holding stereotypes about me for which group of friends I associate with. While I understand there are lots of benefits to being a member of Greek Life, I think for me personally I was able to accomplish those things on my own and therefore embrace the term GDI. I did disagree with how she ended the podcast because I feel as though people come into Rutgers with an open mind about Greek Life and then from their own experience begin to judge it and form stereotypes about certain sororities at Rutgers by what they hear from their friends. I think people need to remain open minded and now that one incident with an individual in a sorority should not embody the group as a whole.

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