Gabby’s Podcast

The last podcast I listened to was Gabby’s about sexuality. I really enjoyed that it was a real story and so personal because they grab in the listener, as soon as I realized it was a true story something switched in my brain and I was suddenly more in tuned with the podcast. I think it is because real life experience provides more emotion and allow listeners to relate more to their own personal experiences. I also really enjoyed it because the podcast was broken up with not just her speaking but also music and different voices. I’m really glad Gabby was able to take such an intense and controversial topic and use it for her podcast it was brave and very creative.

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This Blog is not about solely the struggle of being a single college student, but about the in depth exploration of the single life and its advantages as well as disadvantages. My blog's goal is to alter people's perception of the single life as well as celebrate the hilarity of single girl's sturggles everywhere.

One thought on “Gabby’s Podcast

  1. joellerae

    i also listened to Gabby’s podcast and thought she was very brave for what she did! Also, I think that making a podcast about something very personal is a brilliant idea and due to her choice, her project turned out to be extremely interesting


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