R&B Podcast – Maggie Woodruff

Wow, great intro! The bus sounds were totally unexpected and really pulls you into the podcast. I love the way you structured it as I feel that I really am on that bus with you. To the “over there” person listening to”Dissolve Me” by Alt-J, you’ve got great taste in music.

Deciding to distribute your survey through Facebook was a great idea and including the question about what their major is, I’m assuming (typing this as I listen) is going to help provide some interesting connections.

Seriously, I don’t know how but I have loved almost every song that has been played in this podcast so far. Go Rutgers students. I just added “Ovideo” to my spotify, and “Sweater Weather” has been on there for months. I’m actually pretty surprised that there’s so much indie, alternative, and alternative pop music on this playlist. I feel that so many Rutgers students openly proclaim love to EDM I expected a lot more house, dubstep, and trapstep. Also, with so many people coming from so many different backgrounds I definitely expected more “ethnic” songs, or at least something in spanish or an asian language. Oh and not a single instrumental song.

You just said you love Alt-J. Ok, you deserve an A (even though you already do, this podcast is great).

Overall, I think that your set-up/execution of this idea was absolutely brilliant. This podcast could’ve gone a completely different way but I think your incorporation of music, survey results, and commentary was done well and with the perfect balance between the three. I think the variety of music (a Disney song? Awesome!) shows just how diverse students here, and everywhere, really are. Oh and you mentioned no Beyonce, yes girl. Yes. All hail the Queen B.


One thought on “R&B Podcast – Maggie Woodruff

  1. carlytopal

    This podcast is phenomenal! Great thought was put into it. Loved how you incorporated how people are so involved in their own world while on the bus. Planned out very well. Easy to understand, spoke with an effective flow. Put listeners in the day of the life of a Rutgers student taking the busses. Played nice music.


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