Interracial Dating Podcast-Evie Duvert

Ok, first off you seemed so natural! There were no awkward pauses or any big mess-ups or anything so big props to you girl. I loved the line “are all your options open? Because your soulmate may not be rocking the same skin color.” With just 8.4% of marriages being interracial, like you said, isn’t actually all that much. I’ve literally met about 3 other people whose parents were interracial.

I personally think the biggest reason that interracial relationships aren’t as popular because couples like to have that common background. Personally being in an interracial relationship it’s both interesting and stressing that we have two completely different backgrounds/heritages.

And omg yesssss there are so many attractive people on Rutgers, people need to get out of the mindset that they have to date within their race.

That Chris Rock clip was perfect, it was hilarious. I’m pretty sure my roommate thought I was crazy laughing to myself.

I think you summed this all up very nicely in the end by saying “whatever the reason, whatever the gender, whatever the race, age, occupation; love should not be based on trivial things. If they make you happy then that’s all that should matter. In the end it’s your life, and you, not your parents your grandparents or relatives, will be living it. So make it worthwhile and make it happy.” Perfectly said! (Also ending with a Beyonce song automatically makes this a great podcast in my book)


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