The Shift from Paper to Computer

It was somewhat saddening when I heard that newspapers were shifting many of their resources from paper to the internet. It makes me feel like my generation and the generations to come are missing out on that early morning newspaper read with coffee when we get older. I’m not sure exactly why I’m sad, but I definitely do not want to be reading my news from a computer or iPad when I grow up. I’d rather just take time to read when I get older.

In a way though, according to the article, there are benefits for the newspaper companies. Instead of having to rely on their old reader surveys which is apparently stale data, they can now rely on web traffics. This is where the site will show you what the most visited article is or what the most talked about one is. This way the newspaper can gear their content toward the interests of the viewers. A survey is not even necessary as this data would get tracked the moment you click it. If you read further down in the article, they even have a quota they would like to meet online for the number of visitors.

Like I said, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Although newspaper sites may be able to gear their articles toward people of different interests, I still like the paper version better.


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