Sexuality, Procrastination, and Coming Out.

For the first podcast I listened to, I chose Gabby’s. I went to hers first because I remember reading and commenting on her blog post about her ideas and I really wanted to see what she ended up choosing. First off, it flows really good. Like there were no awkward pauses or anything like that, which made it easy to listen to. Her clips from a remixed song and from a spoken word on the topic were very real and very strong. Her personal story on coming out is what really caught my attention, as well as her tips on various aspects on coming out. She says that her story is not that interesting, however I found it to be very much so. Because it was HERS. Any story about anyone that personal will always be interesting because it is the unadulterated truth from their experiences. Those are the best kinds of stories in my opinion. Awesome job Gab!


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