Interracial Dating

Another podcast project that I listened in on was Evie Duvert’s “Interracial Dating”. At first, I chose this podcast out of pure interest. With the start of this recording, I really enjoyed the song playing in the background by the Black Eyed Peas “Where is the Love?” I found this song to be appropriate to this discussion. Also, Evie stated a lot of statistics about how interracial dating has grown over the years. Surprisingly, she noted that Rutgers University is the number 1 university in the country with the most interracial dating. The main reasoning behind this fact is due to the diversity and variety of people at this school. I found this podcast to be relevant especially since there are people in today’s world who still do not approve of interracial dating. This is an issue that not everyone recognizes and I believe that this podcast helps shed light to it. Also, the podcast was very comical when the excerpt from comedian, Chris Rock, talked about interracial dating.
Overall, this podcast was interesting along with informative and i believe that the biggest issue we face today is with the opinions of our elders. The younger generations seem to be more accepting and open-minded and due to this, i feel like as time goes on, there will be more and more interracial dating.

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