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The last podcast project that i tuned in on was Neil Garrett’s “Before I Die”. To start off this podcast, Neil put in the song “Prayer” by Kid Cudi. This song was a great opener since it talks about dying before you wake. More specifically, Neil uses his podcast to discuss and interview people about what they would like to do before they die. The individuals interviewed discussed where they would like to go around the country and the world. On their bucket list, they mostly just wanted to travel and experience different foods/drinks. It started with all 50 states and then went on to all 7 continents.
Not only was this podcast interesting, but it also made me think about what i would like to do before i die. Also, it was a bit inspiring in the fact that it gives listeners the motivation to go out in the world and do what you like/see what you want before you are not around to do it anymore.

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About joellerae

My name is Joelle Altomare! I am currently attending Rutgers University, class of 2016, and I am a cell biology and neuroscience major. I have a twin sister and my favorite thing to do in my free time is surf. The purpose of this blog is to motivate people and show them that nothing is impossible. With determination comes greatness and if you work hard towards your goals, you will achieve them.

One thought on “Bucket list podcast

  1. carlytopal

    Neill Garrett’s Podcast on what people would like to do before they die was amazing! Great idea, and came out to be very inspiring. Traveling was a great thought, every person longs to visit a certain geographical region of their desire. Festivals are an attraction that many young and even adults would love to go to that can be very eye-opening. I enjoyed the method of just having a conversation with your friends of their bucket list aspirations.


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