Bow Down, Soundwaves, I Am Your Master

After working with Audacity and becoming more familiar with the tools, it was kind of mind-blowing to realize how easy – and FUN – it is to play with sound and manipulate data into something that expresses your ideas. It was like uncovering a whole new artistry to something we all take for granted – sound. I love that technology has enabled this new medium to become something creative and inspiring, and, after listening to this amazing chorus of crickets, something enlightening about the world around us. Seriously, take a listen to these tiny creatures, because when we use technology to slow their voices down, we get a whole new sound that is familiar and incredibly new. And, stunningly beautiful.

I definitely had fun with the video project, but I think I might have had more fun with the podcast because I used all original data (besides the music) and it felt a little more hands on. It’s incredible, what you can do with a little trimming and splicing. It definitely opened up my eyes to a future of fun, creative, side projects.

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About mjpwoodruff

My biggest dilemma throughout life has probably been figuring out what I’m most interested in out of all the things I’ve ever come across and thought was worth a second glance. I have lists on my phone for all the books I haven’t bought and want to read, all the music I’ve tagged and want to listen to, all the fleeting thoughts I’ve had that could lead to an interesting topic for further daydreaming, etc. I probably visit as often as I visit social media sites. A short list of things I’ve considered majoring in: film, poetry, neuroscience, composing, screenwriting, anthropology, biology, history, journalism, sociology, forensic science, political science. The only thing I’ve found in common with all of these things so far is that they all relate to humans, how they work, and how they interact. I love bees, morning drives into New York City, and ultimate frisbee. I also sell Girl Scout cookies, if you’re into that. - Maggie Woodruff

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